Icecrown Citadel: A Timeline of Events

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Icecrown Citadel: A Timeline of Events

Postby Threnn » Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:58 pm

Right, so. Rather than doing a series of italics posts for the fighting at Icecrown Citadel and the final battle with Arthas, we figured we'd keep it a little simpler this time around.

This post is a list of events -- beats of the battle, I suppose -- occurring during the final push towards the Frozen Throne. Understand that, much like the Pirate Code, these are guidelines. If something in this timeline runs contrary to what you had planned for your character, feel free to ignore it. For example, we're thinking it'd make sense for the force to split apart and strike all three wings of the Upper Spire at once, but if your character's supposed to be present for the deaths of both Rotface and Lana'thel, don't worry about it. Run with it and write it up!

Also, don't worry about posting your stories in any sort of order. You don't have to wait for someone else to post about, say, fighting Marrowgar if you've got an Arthas story ready to go.

The extra dramatis personae present for the Arthas fight are also fair game for everyone. If you want to use any of those characters/groups in your story, doooo eeeeet. If you want to ignore them, that's fine, too. We just tried coming up with a list of who else would probably be there aside from the Riders and friends, and that's a rough idea of some people who might be present. (You know how in-game we see what, three or four buildings in Goldshire, but in reality, the town's supposed to be, well, an actual small town? We're applying similar logic to the Frozen Throne: the game only has room for about 25 people on the platform, but chances are, it'd really fit a few more.)

So, enough rambling on my part. Here's the timeline!

Lead-up/Calling the Banners
--Riders gather, head to Icecrown.
--portals from Stormwind, warlocks on the front
--Argent Crusade herding cats

First wave
--lower section (Marrowgar/Deathwhisper/Saurfang)

Second wave
Once they gain the Upper Spire, the forces split into three groups, attacking the three different wings at the same time.
--Plague wing
--Blood Elf wing
--Dragon wing

--The gunships are present throughout the various battles, offering covering fire, dropping people down onto ledges and balconies to sneak inside, taking potshots at Sindragosa...(I mean, um, what?)

The Frozen Throne
--one company/batallion/fill in the right term here goes up early, before Tirion gives the go-ahead. They get fucking wrecked. And, of course, end up as ghouls for their troubles.
--Tirion takes people up for the battle. Present are:
-The Riders under Uthas' command
-The Argent Crusade (possibly with a few Riders in their midst -- Varenna, Aely?)
-The tattered remnants of the 7th Legion and other Alliance forces that survived Wrathgate
-Horde contingent
-Kirin Tor magi
-Knights of the Ebon Blade
-support from the gunships
-I also dig the idea of a few crazy dudes climbing up the sheer face of the spire. Though, when Arthas makes the ground fall away, if they haven't gained the top, they're screwed.

--people pay their last respects to Arthas/kick him in the junk
--everyone outta the pool so Tirion can have his talk with Bolvar
--rejoicing below
--Skybreaker victory kegger.
--Assorted blatant looting
--Riders return to Stormwind for the victory party

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