Some Basics

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Some Basics

Postby Bricu » Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:20 am

So here is the deal:

First, if you're interested, sign up in this forum. Signing means that you will agree to a few things:
    You'll read, or watch, the videos
    You'll post regular updates and discussion points.

The internet is full of HTML references,cheat sheets, videos and people who know what they're doing. We'll take advantage of as many of these factors as possible. The first series of videos is on the basics of HTML. We can use this to give everyone the same jumping of point. The rest of the resources should be decided on as a group--a consensus would be ideal--I'm just making an executive decision with this starting point. I will be looking for more html5 related stuff--however, if someone else finds something of note, please share it.

Every week, starting on Monday, we'll start a discussion post on what we learned. If I Was smart I would have posted this yesterday... But whatever.

For status updates, we will use the following format in our posts:
Achievements Since Last Post: A quick summary of what we did for this experiment since the last post.

Impediments since last post: Stuff that prevented us from finishing a goal. IF you have an attack of the OMFG OVERWHELMED or an zomgDunwanna or LAZY MARTY IS LAZY, please be honest about it. It happens and its nothing to be ashamed of. This is an experiment, afterall.

Goals Before Next Post: HEre you list what you want to accomplish before your next status post.

I drink to keep you pretty

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