Elder Scrolls Online

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Elder Scrolls Online

Postby Kyraine » Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:34 am

Is anyone playing this? Worth it, or something to hold off on until they get the kinks worked out?

Saw some screenshots, and I am intrigued....
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Re: Elder Scrolls Online

Postby Shaurria » Mon Apr 14, 2014 1:27 am

I thought the beta was rather underwhelming, plus it's going to require a sub which kinda kills it for me. Just my 2c. >_>
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Re: Elder Scrolls Online

Postby Ulthanon » Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:31 am

The limited Beta I played was lackluster, yes.

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Re: Elder Scrolls Online

Postby Manlite » Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:36 pm

I hated the beta. Requires WASD to move and 1-5 buttans to hit. Also the game is crazy linear, so calling it an Elder Scrolls game is almost an insult. Hard to play, boring world. 1/5

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