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Re: RP Description Swap

Postby Yva » Sat Nov 22, 2008 1:02 pm

“Miss Annalea has yellow hair and it looks kinda like really good creamed corn? It’s pretty. She braids it but umm, it’s not as crazy as Miss Bellesta cause she doesn’t tie druid stuff in there. It’s little wooden beads and when she shakes her head they click together? Sometimes I wanna pounce on her head to play with the clicky beads but that’d be bad cause she’d get hurt and Mister Fin would be mad. Mister Fin’s her boy mate thing. What’s the human . . . oh right. Boyfriend.

The thing I like bestest about Miss Anna is when she sings. She doesn’t do it on the box so often, but she sings like birds when she does. Except it’s not birds I attacked - those make little sad whimper noises and stuff. She sings like pretty ALIVE birds. Well, wait. She also sings some of those dirty pub songs about people mating and drinking and beating each other up – that doesn’t sound like birds. People like those songs a lot though. Why’s everyone so weird?

Anyway, it's fun when Miss Anna gets riled, cause she reminds me of one of the Stranglethorn kitties: she’s claws and fangs. It takes a lot to get her that mad, but it’s really cool when she’s all spitting out cusses. I wanna learn to swear like her cause she's like a pretty talker pirate person. Mister Bubba woulda liked her.

Ummm, I think that’s all."

- Skyborne Jh'Talith, on Annalea Al'Cair
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Re: RP Description Swap

Postby Ceil » Sat Nov 22, 2008 1:42 pm

"Hells, Ulthanon Kaidos? There's a lot of things to say about the man, and to be honest, not a lot of them are particularly kindly. But the unkind things, well, they're the sort of things you say about some one you know can take it. Some one you know isn't too sensitive, some one who can laugh at himself as easily as he laughs at you. Sort of like a brother, if that makes sense? Except, for me, far better than a brother. I've known Ulth nearly as long as I've known anyone - long enough to trust that old-young face and surprisingly sly eyes.

He's damned stubborn - let me tell you, a kal'dorei like that could teach even a northman a thing or two about hardheadedness. But he's fierce too, in the best way, the way that makes me proud to be kal'dorei; when he's up in the thick of it, all the jesting and the joking is gone from his face, leaving this joyful ferocity that's taking and drinking and loving every fucking moment of a fight; loving letting every one of those arrows fly to just the right damned place, or letting go shot after gunshot, never rattled a bit by the thundering roar. It's a hell of a thing to see, especially when you've seen him laid back in a bar, smoking pipe or lit cigarette in hand, old eyes distant and caught up in a past I've always suspected is full of a hell of a lot more than he ever lets on.

He's never clean-shaven and he never lets himself grow a proper kal'dorei beard; I always think, when I see him, that he got fed up with shaving or fixing himself up proper-like, too inpatient for the niceties of civilization and society. I can imagine him snarling 'Fuck it!' halfway through and pulling his silver hair back in a thong, throwing his razor out the window and throwing himself out into the night, ready to face whatever life's decided to toss his way without a second thought.

He rarely seems at ease inside walls - the way he shifts and fidgets makes me yearn for the tall trees and open air of Hyjal. Every time I see Ulthanon Kaidos, with those old scars and those eager odd eyes, he reminds me what 'tis to be kal'dorei, and reminds me that no matter how much we fall into the rest of this Alliance's society, the kal'dorei will always be the children of the stars. Meant for open air, night skies and the fierce thrill of the hunt and the fight."

- Ceil Nightfury on Ulthanon Kaidos

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Re: RP Description Swap

Postby Shaila » Sat Nov 22, 2008 4:25 pm

"Hmmn. Chelody Smallwing. Do you know what I like about that elf? She's gullible. A few tears, a few whimpers, and it doesn't matter what you've done, she's on your side again. And when she's scared? Oh, she has that innocent doe look. Her large, glowing eyes just stare at you, and her ears droop like a rabbit about to get pounced by a wolf.

I think the girl takes a lot upon herself. More than she can handle. I don't mess with her that often because I'm pretty certain she'll break -herself- someday. She'll forgive the wrong person, and she'll get a knife in the back. She's friends with a Forsaken, isn't she? Sometimes I think she gets along with him so well because she secretly wants to be like him. Like us. A dead thing, with little more on the inside but thoughts on how to get ourselves ahead of the game in this world.

She's too sweet, she's too cute, and she has too much responsibility for these times. She does have a nice butt, though."

-Akeelah, on Chelody Smallwing

"Bricu! He confuses me sometimes. He seems so angry so often! I think he worries too much about how things are, and tries to solve way too many of our problems himself. He's definitely a northman, though. He says a lot of words I don't really get and have given up asking about. Like "piking". Does he say that? Maybe that's Lans or Tarq. Maybe they all say that...I get my northman talk mixed up.

Anyway! I like that he cut his hair short, he looks less intimidating now that it's short. Which is good, cuz he's gonna be a dad soon, and it wouldn't be good if his kid was scared of him.

Oi seems to be like Hi for him. He says it a lot, mostly when first arriving to a conversation. When most people would say 'Hi guys!', Bricu says 'Oi!'. I think Sky has a name for him, like 'Oi man' or something like that. He and I don't get along all the time, I think because he doesn't like how Roses obey the rules all the time. He's not happy with the system, so he gets angry at people who don't get all rebelly. I think as soon as all this stuff settles down, when we don't have to worry about huge badguys coming to destroy us anymore, Bricu's gonna start a full-on rebellion in Stormwind.

He doesn't drink alcohol so much anymore, but he does seem to smoke a lot. I think it has to do with his stress levels. He doesn't get a vein on his forehead like Shael, though.

Maybe he just needs more hugs."

-Shaila Viridiant, on Bricu Bittertongue

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Re: RP Description Swap

Postby Bricu » Sat Nov 22, 2008 6:19 pm

(Awesome Shai! Thank you)

"Yeh see that bloke? No, not the one with the axe. No, not the dwarf. The one with the long white hair. Aye the elf. No, that's a he. Strewth! Would I lie 'bout shite like that? That's a bloke. Stop. Just. Stop. Eyes up from the arse. See he's turnin' 'round? Notice the chest? Aye. Bloke. Feel bad 'bout those thoughts? Bah, they happen. Just remember yeh were gonna bugger a bloke.

"I know he's got a wee womanly figure. His hair? Long, deceptively simple style. I assure yeh, he brushes it at least a hundred times a night. How do I know? 'Cause I called on 'im once ta heal someone. Gave 'im a'orrible fright he said. He'd just finished brushin' his hair an' he was preparin' for bed when I came ta his door. This is before his man servant... Oi. Stop. He doesnt' know he's a poof. At this point, he's just a ponce. A ponce with pearly skin an' pretty hair. Who weaves. Makes the best damn clothes in the whole o'Azeroth. Go figure. Aye, he owns the Finest Thread. He's a ponce. But he's a reliable ponce. Yeh can always count on him ta do the right thing when all other options are exhauted. So aye, that's the one yeh need t'see 'bout yer clothes. An' yer hair.

Shite! No, don't ask 'im 'bout women. Oi, just because he makes clothes an' takes care o'himself doesn't mean he's ready ta talk 'bout women folk. He's a professional. He'll cut yeh a fine set o'threads, an' he'll chat , but he won't talk 'bout the fun stuff. Dont' cuss either. He's a proper kinda ponce. Maybe once he realizes he's a poof, he'd be a wee bit less....aloof? Probably not though. He shagged Shaila Viridiant. Almost married her. Aye, him. I dont' know how often they did, maybe once or twice. Didn't east his tension much. Yeh'd think that after a few thousand years o'drought... He's an elf yeh damn git. He's bloody ancient. Lived in Darnassus until after the war...

"Oi. OI! I'm talkin' here! Och,mate, stop starrin' at his arse! I'm tellin' yeh, he's a he. Just as 'im 'bout the clothes. Tell 'im Bittertongue sent yeh. Don't mention the arse though. That'll get yeh kicked out."

--Bricu Bittertongue to a Valliance Expedition Solider on Leave in Stormwind.
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Re: RP Description Swap

Postby Threnn » Sat Nov 22, 2008 6:57 pm

Pretty thing, isn't he? All whip-cord grace and Northern charm. There's a wolfishness about him -- you'll see it in his eyes when he's weighing the cost of a job or the worth of a person. Those are pretty, too, by the way. His eyes, I mean. Like chips of emerald. I won't tell you I could get lost in them. I have a green-eyed Northerner of my own.

He has a gallows humor sometimes. Untangle his brogue and his clever turns of phrase and you'll find it. That's not to say he won't join in on the hilarity when we're all sharing pints and stories at the Pig. Though if you're his enemy and he has you enthralled by his patter, you're already dead. There's a blade coming at you, his or his wife's. She's as deadly as he is.

Yeah, so you might want to stop eyeing him like he's tonight's dessert.

Under that wide-brimmed hat's a mane of golden hair, same shade as the beard, like to make any woman jealous. Come to think of it, it's not fair that a man can look better in a hat than I do, either. *hmphs*

The boss is loyal to his own. The Riders might be a group of outlaws and ne'er-do-wells, but Elune strike me down if he there's a one of us he's made a mistake on when he's offered them the black and red. My sister says he has a heart of gold.

I'll tell you one thing - he's a fine fiddler, when you can get him to play. Watch his hands, now. They say what his tongue leaves out. I see you imagining what else they do. I'm telling you, you ought to avert your eyes.

...that wasn't what I meant. Yes, he's got that saunter down. Yes, he has a nice arse.

Oi. Wait a minute. You're that git that's been sending him all those ridiculous flowery fan letters, aren't you?

Who am I?


I'm the one who reads his mail.

--Annalea al'Cair, on Tarquin ap Danwyrith

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Re: RP Description Swap

Postby Varenna » Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:26 pm

"A nervous young lad in a robe, with black hair and his nose in a book and being followed by a... bird with hooves...? Oh, a hippogryph. Well that sounds like Avers O'Connaugh. I do know him, actually. He's not in any trouble, I hope? Oh, just a delivery. I heard his family was moving to Dalaran, that may be why you can't find him... Wait. You're not delivering /those/ to him, are you? Those books? But those are L'ree Lovelace novels, he's not old enough for those! No, I'm very sure. He can't even be thirteen yet. /Don't/ let him read those, he'll get a nosebleed. And grounded, probably. Very, very grounded. Yes, I'm sure."

--Varenna Sungale, to a Stormwind delivery man
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Re: RP Description Swap

Postby Aleros » Sat Nov 22, 2008 10:15 pm

Aelflaed, Ael as I hear her called a lot, sometimes Aely. She has a nice calming smile and carries herself with a calm confidence, something I don't often see in humans. They're either calculating or looking around like there's someone about to knife them. An admirable trait I must say. She's the type of person I could trust to be honest.

She seems to be maybe a head and a half shorter than me. Maybe six feet tall? I'd say that seems taller than most humans, but there do seem to be a lot of tall humans around these days. Her red hair is always tied in one long braid down to her waist. I don't see many red haired humans with northern accents. In fact, she's the first I've met personally. Maybe she has some blood in her other than northman? That's a big hammer she carries too, but that seems common among Paladins. And to carry it around with all that plate too. That girl must have a nice muscular body beneath that armor. I bet Seylon would like that nice set of boo --- boots she has.

She's and Phileas are an item, although it wasn't quite obvious at first. She was pretty shy around him for awhile and I wasn't sure if there was anything going on, although from the way they reacted so shyly to each other it might have been more obvious to someone else. Skyborne was saying something about talking to them. They're less shy around each other now.

-Aleros on Aelflaed

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Re: RP Description Swap

Postby Phileas » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:10 pm

"Varenna? Nivver seen owt like 'er...leas' nae i' th' Riders. Allus "sir" an' "ma'am" an' th' like. Tryin' tae keep a rag-tag herd o'miscreants and rogues within th' bonds o'civilzation. Th' lass is herdin' cats, tae be short abou' it. She does seem tae succeed...mos' a' th' time. An' tha knows why that is? Them as is allus polite tae a faul' like that is mos' like the ones tha dinnae wan' tae piss off...cause under th' polite? That's where th' firestorm smolders, says I."
-Phileas Lynch on Varenna

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Re: RP Description Swap

Postby Elestera » Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:50 am

"Shaila? Yeah, I know her. Kinda hard to not know the officers in charge of your Order, isn't it? Well, if you're looking for her, first of all you should look down. She's a human, but even for a human she's fairly short. Skinny little thing too, hard to believe she has two kids. She's got brown hair, a handful of scars on her cheeks, green eyes and one ear. Yes, you heard me, just the one. Lost the other somewhere along the line but I never did hear the story.

Fair bit of warning, she can be... a bit of a headache. She's capable, certainly. Damned good at sneaking around and using her knives, but she acts like such a child. Climbs on things, not to mention certain people; gets into pointless arguments; generally immature... you get the idea. She means well, though. Glad to have her as a friend, and if she likes you, you know she'll always have your back.

You'll probably find her either out in the field, around Stormwind, or at her place in Elwynn. She might be hanging off of Chelody, so don't be too surprised if you see that."

-Elestera Thornbreeze on Shaila Viridiant, shortly before her disappearance

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Re: RP Description Swap

Postby Aelflaed » Sun Nov 23, 2008 12:53 am

"Illithias? Cannae say I ken th' lass fairly, jus' barely heard th' name 'bout. Thin' I may've seen her - average height, 'f yer talken elf-folk, fair hair, an' wiry, like. Th' kin' like a werecat, aye, taut t' spring an' fair like t' have a bi' a' carry-on when 't lands. Sommat happent wi' her face, dinnae ask me wha' - an' dinnae ask me t' ask her neither. Like as nowt ye'd ge' yer answer wi' them weapons an' an nae words 'till after.

I'm told she's a helluva fighter, a rough enemy t' chase wi', an' smooth water runs deep y' ken - awwiver, also told she's radge as a maggot an' cross 's a burnt badger inna coal pit. Nae sure which t' believe - per'aps th' lot at once." <shrugs>

-Aely Larsdottir on Illithias
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