The Righteously Random 10 Lines of April Writing Challenge!

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The Righteously Random 10 Lines of April Writing Challenge!

Postby Chrystenise » Fri Mar 30, 2012 1:56 pm

1. Create a brand spankin' new character in any setting you wish. Modern day, Azeroth, Faerun, Mass Effect, etc. Don't import your thief from Dungeons and Dragons, don't carry in your hip hop singer from IRC, make this person up in your head on the spot, and do your best not to reskin a current character under a new name/appearance!

2. Create a thread on the General non-WoW roleplay forum (I demand it, I'm an officer, bishes!) titled '10 Lines: CharacterNameHere' where the name of your character obviously replaces CharacterNameHere - and if your character's name is CharacterNameHere, I expect a detailed write-up on the parental state of mind during naming. (Angeldust is an acceptable one word write-up.)

3. Every day in the month of April, write a very simple 10 lines of story on your character. It can be a new subject every day, or a continuing story. The challenge is to never go less than 10, or above it. Spacing does not count.

It can be in any format you wish - a narrative, conversational pieces, first person, etc.

Rewards: None, this is a challenge, not a contest, sheesh!

I'll answer any question, but there's not much to it other than your own imagination!

For reference 10 lines is counted as 10 lines in a standard 8.5x11" page with a .75 margin on each side and 12pt Times New Roman font.

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