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Character Profiles

Postby Ceil » Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:34 am

This format stolen from Noxilite's site, however feel free to format as you'd like.

Full Name:






Currently Resides:


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Re: Character Profiles

Postby Phileas » Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:32 am

Full Name: Phileas Alaisdair Lynch...though you're not likely to get him to admit to his middle name. “Philly” to friends and family, of course.
Race: Northman
Homeland: Darrowshire
Age: 22, or thereabouts
Height: 5'10”
Build: Whip-slender and wiry, like a greyhound.
Hair: Red. Very red.
Eyes: Gray

Philosophy: At the moment, Phileas is having to re-evaluate his philosophy on life. He's been rather focused on simple survival for so long, that the concept of having friends – or perhaps more - to take into consideration is something of a novel concept.

Personality: Phileas has admitted that he's definitely a rogue and a rascal, and even an assassin from time to time...but he is hardly ever a scoundrel. In other words, a capable rogue with a dry sense of humor – though perhaps a wee bit too honest to be truly profitable at what he does on his own. Phileas has a temper to match his hair, which can lead to him not always thinking through the consequences of his choices. He knows that habit is going to get him in trouble, but when his Northron is up, it's not easy to be rational about what he should do...though he's trying. Because Phileas got tired of hearing commentary when he came south about how bloody young he is, he grew the mustache and goatee to make himself seem older. It actually works about half the time.

Job: Unemployed at the moment, though he has started looking out for the welfare of the Pig and Whistle of his own accord since he wound up falling in with the Riders and Company during the Scourge resurgence.

Hobbies: Music – mainly odd songs he's picked up from odder places, including old songs from back home, pub ditties, sailor songs from the docks, and really raunchy tunes he won't admit to having picked up. There's a Stormwind alley cat he started feeding that follows him around from time to time. Phileas also rather likes reading...providing he can find books that hold his interest.

Bio: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=10

Currently Resides: As of now, Phileas is bunking in with Aelflaed...though at this point, I think she'd need a prybar to get rid of him. :D Prior to that, he slept on the streets wherever he could find a patch, preferring to use the little money he brought in to keep his mounts housed and fed.


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Re: Character Profiles

Postby Aelflaed » Thu Nov 13, 2008 10:13 am

Full Name: Aelflaed Larsdottir – Aely to some and self.
Race: Northwoman
Homeland: Tiny hamlet west of Stratholme
Age: 29ish
Height: 6’
Build: Tall, slender, and strong – she’s comfortable for her height, and graceful when she wants to be.
Hair: Fiery red, wavy, and waist length – usually worn in a thick braid tucked into the back of her shirt. Said braid is usually reminiscent of an on-fire fuzzy caterpillar.
Eyes: Hazel/Green

Philosophy: Aelflaed’s general outlook is to take things as they come, one foot in front of the other, and laughing if possible. She doesn't go looking for trouble, but she's not one to run from it either. The inside of her shield is engraved "She who watches does not sleep".

Personality: Aely is a tall, strong, fiery woman with a big heart and a low temper that will, if provoked enough, detonate. She doesn’t get angry easily, but she’s not really fun to be around when she does. She’s also as stubborn as a stuck mule. Quick to wit and laughter, she’s got a very expressive face that usually shows exactly what’s running through her head – the “poker face” is something she occasionally attempts but rarely successfully manages.

Job: Healer, herbalist, and sometimes alchemist. Aelflaed does most of her work lately in the service of the Argent Crusade. She’s competent with alchemy, but far from brilliant at it, and she’s been looking into getting some more advanced training. Her primary skill is as a healer, and she can usually be found working either in the infirmary in Stormwind or in various field-hospital positions in Icecrown.

Hobbies: Reading, particularly history – or really most anything she can get her hands on. She’s got a fair mezzo voice as well, likes to sing, and is a bit shy about it.

Bio: (a work in progress)

Aely grew up dirt poor in a mining town in the North. She saw her parents make do for her and her brother on practically nothing as a child, so when given the chance to learn to be a Paladin, she went and didn't look back. She left home on her first set of orders less than six weeks before Arthas came through and torched the place, and her parents and younger brother were killed – either outright or in the resulting fire.

She didn't find out about it until after the fact, but it fueled a lot of her drive to continue fighting as a paladin (as she wavers between knowing there was nothing she could do and blaming herself for their deaths). She stayed on Lordaeron to help clean out what was left of the undead instead of going on the boats to Northrend, serving as a healer with the rest of what was left of the Paladins.

Fortunately, she was young and resilient enough not to go off the deep end and lucky enough not to end up dead.

Since the end of the war, she’s done various things in the service of the Cathedral (mostly out of necessity), as well as taking the time for exploring and learning – two things she really loves to do. Luck and the recommendation of a friend put her in contact with one Belphegor, under whose leadership she spent most of a year, fighting in small groups across Azeroth and Outland. Through Belphegor, she came in contact with one Tarquin ap Danwryith, and has joined the ranks of the Black and Red.

Currently Resides: In a finished basement apartment she's renting from the Cross family that runs The Silver Sheild. You can see her one window from the front of the building. The family lives upstairs.

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Re: Character Profiles

Postby Beltar » Thu Nov 13, 2008 11:08 am

Full Name: Beltar Forgebreaker
Race: Dwarf
Homeland: waaaaay the hell back up in the mountains
Age: 127
Height: about an inch shorter than your average dwarf
Build: quite skinny for a dwarf
Hair: Salt-and-pepper hair and beard; hair down to his shoulders, beard medium-length for a dwarf
Eyes: hazel

Philosophy: "I'm too damn old fer this shit, can I jus' shoot 'em and get it done with?"

Personality: Crusty, crotchety, grumpy--stereotypical dwarf at first glance. He's actually got more of a heart of gold--well, OK, bronze--than he lets on at first, and he's loyal to the Riders and to the few people he actually considers friends. He's actually taken a liking to the younger human members of the Riders, even if he sometimes tends to view them a bit too much as children when he thinks about how much of an idiot he was at their age. He's too old to care much about what people think of him, so he states his mind, repercussions be damned, and is capable of some creative and inventive profanity when the mood strikes him.

Job: Flower-picker and amateur alchemist. He doesn't let on much about the herbalism, though; he's caught too much crap from other dwarves for it in the past.

Hobbies: Occasional benders, obsessive care of his guns, ferocious mocking of anybody he thinks deserves it, grooming his crag boar.

Bio: Beltar Forgebreaker's real name is Anias Steelson. Born in a tiny, remote mining village named Flintrock, far back in dwarven lands, he grew up with his uncle after losing his father in a mine accident and his mother to disease. As an adolescent he fell in with a rough crowd and spent some time in jail. His criminal career ended when the gang broke into the house of an old man named Beltar Forgebreaker and attempted to rape his granddaughter; the young Anias shot the other three members of the gang dead to save the girl, then fled, taking the old dwarf's name to try and cover his tracks. (The full story is available at: )

Over the next near-century, Beltar wandered from one end of the Eastern Kingdoms to the other taking all sorts of legal and illegal jobs. Mercenary soldier, convoy guard, bandit, enforcer, assassin, gun-for-hire, bounty hunter, bodyguard, you name it, he did it at one point or another. His travels took him across almost all the human and dwarven lands and many that are currently controlled by the Horde, Scourge, or Burning Legion as well.

He did not fight in any of the three Great Wars; he was otherwise occupied on various merchant guard jobs through the first two. Shortly before the Third War broke out, he was bodyguarding a dwarven extortionist who was attacked by a group from the Syndicate. In the fight, Beltar was grievously wounded and left for dead. His employer (who survived) purchased his silence by sending him to Anvilmar and leaving him enough money to recover. It took him five years to fully recover from his injuries, in which time he lost almost all of his skills with axe and gun. Three years ago, he finally felt recovered enough to begin re-learning how to shoot and fight.

Beltar is on the downside of middle age (human equivalent about 55) and as such prefers to just keep things far away and not get in a close fight unless he absolutely has to. On some days, especially damp ones, he walks with a slight left-leg limp, which is the legacy of the injury that placed him in Anvilmar. He's also taken to carrying a large, garish crossbow ((SSO blade xbow)) in addition to his beloved double-barreled bayoneted sniper rifle ((Wolfslayer from Kara)), which he has nicknamed "Black Death."

He is usually accompanied by a large black Dun Morogh crag boar named Squealer. Squealer attached himself to Beltar around Kharanos one day and never left. Squealer is unnaturally intelligent and tame, but does tend to get himself into trouble, and has turned into something of a scourge among many of Stormwind's taverns because of the destruction he can wreak on their garbage piles. But, never at the Pig, interestingly enough. Lately, Beltar has also adopted a large Blade's Edge grove lynx that he's named Smiler.

Currently Resides: Alternates between the basement bunkroom of the Pig and Whistle, and a room along the Great Forge in Ironforge. Rumors that he's shacking up with Bretta Goldfury, the gun merchant in Ironforge, are unfounded, although they've dated a few times.


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Re: Character Profiles

Postby Bellesta » Thu Nov 13, 2008 3:32 pm

Full Name: Bellesta Tyrenea
Race: Kaldorei
Homeland: Born in Ashenvale, wandered, mostly known around the steeps of Hyjal.
Age: Younger than she thinks she is. Older than most peg her as.
Height: 7'2'
Muscular only begins to describe it. Bellesta is built like a monster, broad-shouldered with thick, long legs. She appears like someone who could barrel through a wall with ease.
Hair: A mess. Long and white, braided, knotted, woven, and otherwise bound around precious stones, animal teeth, feathers, leaves, you name it. Bellesta sees her hair as a trophy case, showing off the things she's killed, and this considers herself better then.
Eyes: White and glowing, like most women of her race. If one looks closely they can see her pupils are slitted.

Distinguishing Characteristics: Aside from her mane of hair, Bellesta is covered in scars. Most are concentrated on her shoulders and back, and they remain when she shifts in and out of form. There are simply so many from varied sources, few would assume a singular injury happened. Her nails are pointed and yellowed at the tips, teeth similar. Right ear is mostly gone, ripped off at the very base, leaving ragged edges mostly hidden by hair.

Philosophy: The tenants of Omen: The Packs that cannot survive against the tides do not deserve to live. Survival of the pack is by any means necessary, nature has no laws of honor or duty. Strength is in numbers, the pack is above the individual. The fittest rule by whatever means they see fit.

Death and life are nature's only unmoving cycle. Undead are a perversion of this cycle and must be destroyed.

Flesh is power. Consume the flesh of worthy enemies to honor their passing and strength, and take it as your own. The heart of an enemy is the greatest trophy one can consume.

Personality: Bellesta is fiercely protective mother-bear of a woman. She lives with a pack mentality (as mentioned above) and looks down upon those who she feels are weak. She reserves a special hatred for weak women, specifically ones who rely upon men for their standing or self-worth. As such, she tends to disagree with most human nobility and its philosophies. She also tends to be fairly racist towards humans as a whole, finding most short-lived, annoying, and weak.
Bellesta is also infertile, and due to her overactive 'mother bear' instinct, takes great sorrow in this. She tends to make exceptions for children, even if she knows she should not. A young orc who's parents she just killed would likely be spared, even knowing the child would grow up to seek her death later on.

Job: Bell tends to hunt her own food, fashion her own armor, and tend to her own needs. Odd jobs every now and then for gold, but she rarely does anything 'specific.'

Hobbies: Bell is an avid leather skinner, tanner and worker. She enjoys working new leather into her armor from enemies she's slain, using her skills to preserve pieces of enemy flesh for actual practical use. She's a passive and social drinker, but rarely gets drunk. Fiercely religious, much of her free time is spent in quiet meditation, communing with Omen.

Biography: Born with her twin sister, Bellesta was told her mother died at birth to let them live. The news never shocked nor saddened her when she was young, she was raised by a very kind and elderly druid in her mother's stead. Enamored with his ability with animals and their forms, Bellesta wanted nothing more than to do what he did. However, age claimed her caretaker before Bellesta had even neared her coming of age. Her sister left with a huntress to begin her own training, Bellesta made her way to Moonglade to seek druids.

In Moonglade, Bellesta was rejected for training, having no real ability of her own. Distraught and directionless, she wandered the edges of lake Elune'ara before hearing the whisperings of a spirit.

The spirit was named Darmane, and she had once been a druid. She spoke to Bellesta as a mother would, coaxing the girl into hearing her out. Darmane promised to teach Bellesta how to become a true druid, following the teachings of the Claw. Desperate, Bellesta agreed and let the spirit bind to her.

Darmane was a cruel mother, her teachings were not for the light hearted. She molded Bellesta as she grew into a feral shapeshifter, having her live in the wild with animals, hunting for her meals, and fighting to survive. Growing up knowing that every day she survived was a victory shaped Bellesta's views of the world and people in it.

During her training, Darmane spoke more and more to Bellesta of Omen, her patron, and that she would someday pass her title onto Bellesta, that of Omen's dreamer, his Bloodbeast. Eventually the time came for Darmaine to pass, and give her title on... however she was rattled by the loss of the world tree, and refused to release her chokehold on Bellesta. She insisted Bell simply wasn't ready to lose her guidance.

And so, with a violent spirit still attached to her at the core, Bellesta ventured into the world and learned about humans and dwarves and other elves and how to actually be social and that the definition of friend is not 'someone you don't eat' but 'someone you eat other people for.'

Currently Residing: Wherever she falls asleep.

Important Relationships:Riders ('family), Belathenia (sister), Rederik (brother), Pathis (Ex-lover, likely eaten by her) Feliche (current lover), Omen (worshiped)

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Re: Character Profiles

Postby Alishe » Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:21 pm

Full Name: Alishe Na'shaile
Race: Kaldorei
Homeland: Ashenvale
Age: Undisclosed (Alishe appears to be fairly young, but looks can and often are deceiving.)
Height: 6'3"
Build: Average. More on the athletically slim side, but with curves.
Hair: Midnight blue. Slightly curly and despite the fact that Alishe almost always pulls her hair back, there are always a few stray curls that frame her face.
Eyes: A silver blue hue. While she does not maintain the golden glow of those who follow the druid path, she doesn't seem lacking for this.
Additional notes on appearance: Alishe's skin is a blueish hue and two very light crimson marks highlight her cheeks in the form of lightning bolts.

Philosophy: Alishe is a peace maker. She's a healer at heart, even though she now follows the path of protector of Elune and harnesses nature's wrath. While her feral nature does present itself from time to time, it is and never has been a major part of her personality. Alishe feels happiest when she's helping others. Be it through her talents, through potions or through time spent with them when they need her most.

She's seen what hate brings and lost both her father and brother to war. She truly believes there are far greater enemies out there than the horde and as such does not battle against them. (Despite the great joy she used to take in hunting down a certain troll named Degmarlee. Ahh the days before "honor" kicked in!)

Personality: A bit of a contradiction. Alishe can be quite solitary, yet she's incredibly friendly and caring when you get to know her. Even to those who she doesn't know, she can be very open and genuine. Alishe gives very freely to those she calls family and friends, holding little back for herself. One of her biggest challenges is her own inability to ask for help or seek out others when she's in trouble. She tends to hide whenever that happens, growing very quiet and withdrawn.

Job: Alishe doesn't have a "job" per se. Her main "occupation" would be being mommy to two very energetic and mischievous two year olds. Otherwise, she maintains a very large garden outside of the house she shares with Prydion. She focuses a lot of attention and energy on those plants, losing large chunks of time there.

She does take on tasks outside of the home, of course. And tries to help fight battles against the things which threaten to destroy the world and life she's tried to build. However, she works very hard to balance time spent with the things that matter most and time spent fighting to keep those things intact and safe.

Hobbies: She loves herbs and has been tinkering with potion making for as long as she can remember. If there's something that ails you, Alishe has a tea, potion or remedy for it.

Not to be entirely out-done by her husband, Alishe is an accomplished cook and quite proud of being called a doctor in the art of first aid. Though these days her bandages seem to be used more for cleaning up messes that Prydion leaves behind in the kitchen than actually healing anyone else. However, she makes many salves to heal wounds which sometimes stink up their home. But she is working on finding ways to make them less toxic to the nose and still maintain their potent properties.

Also, Alishe is actually a very good singer. She hums whenever she is lost in thought, but performing is not something she tends to do. At least not in public. She does sing to Prydion on occasion, when the mood strikes her.


Currently Resides: Ashenvale, at the house where she and Prydion were married.

Art: Image
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Re: Character Profiles

Postby Thiyenn » Fri Nov 21, 2008 5:22 am

Full Name: Rouba
Race: Draenei
Height: 7'
Build: Tall and curvy with a big draenei booty
Hair: White, braided and rolled into two knots at the base of her neck
Eyes: Soft, glowing silver

Philosophy: Money talks, and can finance happiness.

Personality: Rouba is friendly, helpful, and appears to be profoundly calm in any situation. She's also an obsessive record-keeper, a workaholic, and clings desperately to a dream of finding the perfect man to be the perfect father to her perfect children in their perfect house in a perfect land... you see where this is going. Needless to say, she has not found Perfect Man/Father. She is not likely to find him, either. Still, she's doggedly persistent, and works very hard to build a nest egg for the day her Prince Shall Come and Sweep Her Off Her Feet for Happily Ever After.

Job: Mercenary/Alchemist. Rouba takes any and all odd jobs she can find. She fills her days with quests and flower-picking and potion-making, busy from the time she rolls out of bed with the sunrise until she crashes there again, late in the evening.

Hobbies: Rouba's hobbies involve searching for Perfect Man/Father, recording all income and expenses in a rather large, disturbingly detailed notebook, and dancing. She's fond of her folk dances and practices often, considering it good exercise as well as honorable, ancient Draenic mating tradition.

Bio: Rouba has trained in Nagrand as well as Kalimdor. Any relatives she had were lost in the Exodar crash (she doesn't talk about them.. they were not close), and her acquaintances have been few since the accident. She's too busy to have real friends, but she's taken on many jobs with the Riders and considers them to be good, hardworking folk. This view may have more to do with a recent conflict with her former guildmaster and less to do with whether the Riders are actually good and hardworking.

Currently Resides: In a small clearing in Terokkar forest, to save money on rent.

Art: none yet!
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Re: Character Profiles

Postby Lansiron » Fri Nov 21, 2008 1:19 pm

Full Name: Master Sergeant (Specialist) Lansiron Morgandel-Aseran
Race: Quel'dorei/Human Mix
Homeland: Lordaeron
Age: 65
Height: 5'8"
Build: Lean
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Grey

"I'm an instrument of war, and there's no two ways about it. High ideals and gentle living are best enjoyed by those who ain't in my field. They're the ones for whom I do this so that they can keep on. I don't lie. Not to you, not to others, not to myself. Do unto others; you know the chant. Me, I'll enjoy the simple things and take each day like it's my last, 'cause when you have my job, it usually feels like it is."

Lans could be safely described as a straightforward, laconic, and altogether blunt individual. The first impression one gets of someone like him is usually the right one. He's far from a fool, but he doesn't strive to be terribly sophisticated, either. All the same, he is well-aware of how people in his profession are regarded, and over the years he's developed a sense of, if not outright diplomacy, a sort of heavy-handed tactfulness, more as a sort of social defense mechanism than anything else.

Lansiron has been a career soldier since the Second War came to Lordaeron's shores. Currently serving in the military of Theramore and under the banner of the Alliance as a whole, his combat specialties involve reconnaissance and what is diplomatically referred to as "direct action"; wartime maneuvers involving meticulous planning, clandestine infiltration, and, more often than not, sudden, spectacularly violent force, followed by swift exfiltration, usually before the enemy knows what hit them.

In short, he can be though of as not so much the standard profile of a "Rogue" as such; he's more to the tune of medieval-era special ops. He's good at what he does, even though what he does is decidedly ugly.

Though he doesn't perceive much of a 'life' for himself outside of soldiering, which he's been doing for so long it's ingrained into every fiber of his being, he isn't a bad sketch-artist.

Lans' childhood was slightly unusual, in that his father (a high elf) was usually away on "business", leaving he and his brother in the care of their mother, a minor noblewoman in Stratholme. The closest thing to a father figure he had was an expatriate Amani berserker who was a frequent (if ill-regarded) visitor, and a friend of his father's. Lans will make the claim that he was "raised by a troll", which is not completely untrue. He certainly learned how to fight from one.
Having joined the military when he was of age, his first battle was at Stromgarde, as Doomhammer's Horde made their way north in the opening blows of the Second War. During the course of the conflict he transferred to an adjutant position with the Ranger Corps from Quel'thalas, and during the push back south to the Dark Portal fought under the direct command of Sylvanas Windrunner, at the time a captain. After the Horde was (for the most part) interred or otherwise pushed back through the Portal, he was formally inducted into the Farstriders of Quel'thalas, undergoing the full gauntlet of specialized training, which to this day he regards as having been far more harrowing than anything the war itself subjected him to.
As the Third War descended upon Lordaeron, Lans was serving in Dalaran, marching under Jaina Proudmoore when the call came. He was with the Lady Archmage's forces as they sailed to Kalimdor, battled the Legion at Mount Hyjal, and, shortly after, founded Theramore.
In the years since he has been assigned countless missions for various factions under the Alliance banner, most significantly Darnassus and Stormwind, in addition to the Argent Dawn and the independent company of the Wildfire Riders. Stand-out missions include a sustained entrenchment at Blackrock Spire, rooting out key targets in the depths and reconnaissance of the upper reaches, facilitating large forces of independents to neutralize the threats therein.
In the Outland campaign, he was assigned by Theramore to the Scryers, given his heritage, and fought under their banner across the broken lands. Later he would become a key operative under the Shattered Sun Offensive.
After a brief period of respite, he has since been deployed to the thick of the newest conflict in Northrend.

Currently Resides:
Lans' closest thing to "home" nowadays is Theramore, though he has come to regard Stormwind as something not unlike it. He considers his truest friends (as opposed to just wartime teammates) to be those among the independent Riders company and their allies.

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Re: Character Profiles

Postby Safira » Sun Nov 23, 2008 6:32 pm

Full Name: Safira Irien Moonwind
Race: Kal'dorei
Homeland: Unknown
Age: 10,036
Height: 6'4"
Build: "Curvy"
Hair: Long, silver-white, and kept meticulously clean and straight.
Eyes: Stormy-grey irises, with little to no glow.

"Everything has a price. Pay me enough and I'll remove your obstacles."

Saffy is quick to smile, but just as quick to run away from a problem she doesn't know how to handle. Cool and collected in physical battle, she is vastly different when it comes to battles of emotion. She hides a mind that is constantly plotting behind a mask of air-headed stupidity. She lets the mask drop from time to time, but more often than not the only thing that hints to the fact that she isn't outright stupid is her Engineering gadgets. She fusses over her little trinkets, perfecting them and adjusting them. She loves dresses and anything shiney, and never has a problem with getting naked.

Huntress/Priestess, Smuggler, importer of illegal kittens to the Horde

Cooking and Engineering are the only ones you'll hear her talk about.

There is no paper trail to be found on Safira, and few people know her. She keeps quiet about much of her past and source of income. Find an Elf old enough and it's likely they'd remember the name "Feralclaw", but connecting it to her is difficult. It's obvious she's done a number of odd jobs over the course of her life, and occasionally mentions being a Druid at one point in time. There are many things she doesn't remember, but catch her when she's been drinking and she tends to remember far more. She's soon to marry Elyle Jh'talith, but is waiting to fully recover from the birth of their son.

Currently Resides:
In Stormwind. It's rumored that she and Elyle live very close to Shael.


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Re: Character Profiles

Postby Elyle » Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:26 pm

Full Name: Elyle Jh'talith
Race: Night Elf
Homeland: Winterspring
Age: 300 or so
Height: 7'8
Build: Average leaning towards ripped
Hair: White, currently halfway to his ass
Eyes: Glowy

Philosophy: Image

Personality: Loving father, ruthless thug and shameless asshole.

Job: Professional Kneebreaker

Hobbies: Collecting weapons and stockpiling explosives. You know, just in case. As of late he's been throwing snowballs at adventurers from his home in Winterspring.

Bio: (coming soonish maybe)

Currently Resides: Stormwind until the bastards evicted him, now living in Winterspring.

Art: Image
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