Clarifications from Issue 13 of the WoW Comic

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Clarifications from Issue 13 of the WoW Comic

Postby Shaila » Wed Dec 10, 2008 9:03 pm

This issue had a few facts and clarifications that I found helpful.

- Varian saw Garona kill his father. He was confused that she was crying.
- Varian was 18 when he was crowned. Katrana Prestor was already in a high position.
- Varian was constantly away from his throne, fighting roving bands of orcs and overseeing the restoration of his kingdom. Because he was away so often, he delegated the rebuilding of Stormwind to the House of Nobles. He clarifies that he now knows they were controlled by Onyxia when they refused to pay the Stonemasons.
- The Queen of Stormwind was named Tiffin, and was killed by a concussion from a rock during the Stonemason riot.
- Varian felt the Stonemasons demanded an excessive amount of money, but also felt the offering by the House of Nobles was too little. He thinks both were being played by Onyxia.
- Ten years passed between the Stonemason Riots and Varian leaving for Theramore.
- Varian's son was the one who convinced him to go meet with Jaina to discuss a pact with Thrall.
- The black dragons and naga did not work together. The naga were enraged that the black dragons were using their island, and attacked both them and the two Varians that had been separated by the spell. The spell circle can still be seen on the island ingame.
- The naga take one of the Varians as their prisoner, and later ransom him to Stormwind, where Katrana tries to influence his mind again.
- The other Varian, Lo'gosh, escapes and dives off the island. He hits his head on something as he lands in the water, loses his memory, and washes up on Durotar.
- The swords that Varian carries are called Shalla'tor and Ellemayne, Darnassian for Shadow Render and Reaver. They were formerly wielded by twin warriors named Vor'illian and Lo'vellian.

I think this fills in a lot of blanks and confusion, especially on exactly what happened concerning the Defias. I've constantly seen people debating on the issue of money, whether they demanded too much or not, and it turns out both sides were right.

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