The Silver Feather and You!

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The Silver Feather and You!

Postby Chrystenise » Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:01 pm

Okay, so due to popular demand (no, seriously, they're demanding me to), I'm going to be writing up a document on Genise's social club, The Silver Feather.

I personally have a roundabout idea of how it looks, it's purpose, ect (no, seriously, it isn't a brothel :x ) and how things are ran; but I thought it'd be a cool idea to let public perception of those who are demanding, and those who know of it to help me flesh it out. (no flesh jokes, it isn't a brothel!)

So what I ask:

For those who wanted the write up/partake in Feather rp:

-What are your perceptions of the Silver Feather? How does it look, how are things ran? How does Genise dress her staff, what types of culinary items are served? Ect ect ect...

For those not familiar, but bored and want to make a post:

-What would your perception of a Stormwind-based fancy-schmancy social club be like? An early-century speakeasy? A roman bathhouse? Dolly Pardon's Whorehouse? ect ect ect...

Thanks a bunches!

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Re: The Silver Feather and You!

Postby uthas » Sun Dec 21, 2008 8:45 pm

I'd always imagined them as a sort of Victorian era social salon.
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Re: The Silver Feather and You!

Postby Lansiron » Sun Dec 21, 2008 9:14 pm

I've gotten a pretty good idea of what it's all about. The "speakeasy" comparison is about right.

I imagine, to get there, it has to be a certain night per week--likely it's not open every single evening. It's in a richer neighborhood (likely the Cathedral district), and you probably take a flight or two of stairs below street level, make your way past a guard/bouncer paid to see that each guest is up to dress standards, go through a door marked only with a feather logo (no words), and come into a dimly-lit parlor smelling of pipesmoke and perfume. It's a large-ish sort of room, all silk and velvet curtains and marble columns, with a dozen or so tables for sitting, and another dozen lifted a bit higher, for patrons to stand around, put drinks on, and otherwise mingle about. Contents of each table would likely include an assortment of finger-foods (no full-course meals) and wine goblets. Off to the sides you'll probably see couches and divans for guests to freely lounge about, likely with the same wine and snacks on small tables and probably a hookah or two.

In one corner, there's a raised platform, and there you might have hired musicians playing at lutes or guitars, dulcimers, harpsichords, etc., to contribute to the atmosphere. The ambiant noise is more than likely a low buzz of steady conversation, with the velvet curtains on the walls and columns acting as an acoustic damper that keeps the volume at a minimum. There's a bar on one side, as well, but it's not a large one--no one's meant to sit at it and drink, as movement about the room and general socialization would be encouraged. Though alcohol and possibly some amount of narcotics are served, I imagine that Genise would put in place a very strict "no violence" policy. Any sort of belligerence or overtly bad manners are quickly responded to by the staff, and the offender promptly removed from the building, and told to never return.

The staff themselves, as we know it, are men and women hired for looks and charm. Outfits vary from time to time--I envision there'd be a "dress theme" to the wait staff each night. I picture the whole staff actually getting together all at once, every month or so, and deciding what they'll do so far as this, if Genise doesn't come up with it herself personally each time. An interesting thing to note is that, so far as we know about the staff here, few seem to have this as their full-time job, and some of them are even adventurer-types themselves.

That's the main room. We all know that there's "private" areas as well, which in addition to small parlors that're separate from the central area, you may have another level which might, in fact, resemble a bordello, a bathhouse, sauna, or even a swimming pool, or possibly all of these. This area as well would be reasonably open and warmly lit. It's likely that this part of the Feather would be invitation-only, though. Depending on how Gabby pictures this, a certain level of 'activity' might be discreetly permitted, but there's probably a limit to this, with overtly lewd behavior being dealt with by being banished from the area over a lengthy (if not permanent) period of time.

That's more-or-less how I personally would imagine it.

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Re: The Silver Feather and You!

Postby Delion » Mon Dec 22, 2008 8:23 am

Lansiron paints a far more colourful picture than I could - and I pretty much agree with all that anyway. The only thing I'd suggest is that it be in the Mage or Park district - the Cathedral district seems way, way too well-to-do to let a brothel there, the Park is both neutral to innocence/vice and caters to the exotic, while I know the Feather serves many magical potions and foods and items. Both are on the more upperclass side of the city, too.

I think open wandering around the main room, while not frowned on in the least, wouldn't be the main purpose - I've always thought it to be a lot of little (but open) 'pockets' of scenes - in one booth, someone has paid to have conversation with three lovely ladies. In another little section, someone is getting personal instruction on a finer point of the seventh triangulate of leyweave for the purpose of interdimensional portal theory. While not private enough to warrant a private room, they aren't going to be interrupted, either. But they're partly there to be seen, and are all contributing to the atmosphere of the room.

That's how I've imagined it!

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Re: The Silver Feather and You!

Postby Shaila » Mon Dec 22, 2008 8:35 pm

In the main room, where I imagine the dances and music take place, I've always pictured being low light. A bunch of covered candles, though of course the stage area would be much more lit.

...I've also always pictured a lot of feathers on the walls.

Now, Shai was told when she first started that she'd also be doing modeling of clothing, and I imagine that would take place in the main stage too.

I imagine when on break or something, the staff would have a pretty lavish area in the back where they could relax, connected to a room where they get dressed, put on makeup, stuff like that.

I also think they should have a pet peacock. Because when a place has a pet peacock, you know it's fancy. *nod*

Outside of that, I think Lans did a pretty good job of painting a picture, though I'd agree with Del and say Magic District for location.

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Re: The Silver Feather and You!

Postby Tarq » Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:20 pm

Tarq has probably never been inside the Feather while it's open, out of respect to Genise. He would definitely lower the tone and make people uncomfortable. However, one feature he would request is a private list of guests and their peccadilloes, and any interesting, useful, or simply amusing information they happen to provide to keen-eared staff.
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Re: The Silver Feather and You!

Postby Bellesta » Tue Dec 23, 2008 9:49 pm

Shaila wrote:
I also think they should have a pet peacock. Because when a place has a pet peacock, you know it's fancy. *nod*

I actually think something like an African Grey Parrot (or whatever azeroth version of that bird would be.

Peacocks, while pretty (white ones even moreso) are dumb, messy, loud, need tons of space, and generally annoying all around. However, I think a pair of those parrots would make for lovely atmosphere, while keeping an 'exotic' feel. I'm sure magic could give their feathers a silver sheen, and they'd look quite impressive.

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Re: The Silver Feather and You!

Postby Shaila » Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:21 pm

I'm making a note for later reference here. Geni and I figure the pay for Shaila is 10 gold nightly plus tips. I'm not sure if she's being paid more than the average or not, though.

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Re: The Silver Feather and You!

Postby Varenna » Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:25 pm

Ilarra did give her a raise at one point.

I have a long post incoming later.
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