Regarding Spoilers And Things - Please Read

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Regarding Spoilers And Things - Please Read

Postby Delion » Thu May 06, 2010 7:20 am

So all of a sudden spoilers for Cataclysm have exploded over the internet - as far as I can tell the Alpha has just started, but it should still be subject to the non-disclosure-agreement. For whatever reason, Alpha things are being posted around at a rate we haven't really seen in previous expansions, and much earlier. It quite literally exploded - while you lot were all asleep, I watched it bloom into zomg everywhar pics and shit.

Lets remember that not everyone wants to know these details, and a lot of us are trying to steer clear of them. We have a Spoiler forum for those of us who do want to see and talk about it all, but lets try to keep ingame talk about things to private tells or a seperate channel people can opt-in to. Even if you're sure, it might be polite to ask someone if they're okay with discussing details before you have an "OMGSOCOOL!!!!!!"gasm towards them. And none of our characters know anything either - I know that doesn't need to be said. We've still got Arthas on our minds, and there are vague rumblings about 'Gnomeregan' something something...

As a side note too: this is only the Alpha stage. If you do happen to see something you're not happy with, its most likely only half finished. Don't get too upset. :)

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