Your NPCs.

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Your NPCs.

Postby Bellesta » Wed Dec 31, 2008 1:53 am

So this was discussed in Perfidy, a thread where people could post about the characters they've made, that aren't officially rolled PCs, but have impact on your PC's (or other's) lives in some important way. I think it would give us a good base if we were looking for a particular kind of NPC for a plot, or just in passing mention in RP.

So... who are your NPCs? What role do they play? What are they like?

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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Itanya_blade » Wed Dec 31, 2008 1:58 am


Corwin Montrose - Tarelyn's father. He was a minor noble from Lorderan who was serving as a junior ambassador to Stormwind when Arthas went all evil. He is currently a captain of the Stormwind Watch, mildly respected and well known for sticking to his principles.

Constanzia Montrose - Tarelyn's mother. She's also one of the highest placed members of the Cult of the Damned in Stormwind.

Micah Montrose - Tarelyn's brother. Killed by Corspilla, on accident.


Pill's NPCs are normally her animals. Everyone else is a PC. QQ


Dorri'tow and Then'liath

Razkiel - Their soon to be dead (again) brother.

Garreth Duskwalker - A Magister of fairly mediocre stature. This is the errand boy sent to arrest Davien. He's always showing up where he is not wanted.
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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Bellesta » Wed Dec 31, 2008 2:10 am

Here's mine:

Tauren Druid
Resides in Moonglade

Kylee is primarily a healer. She came into play when Bellesta was adopting her child as a nanny/second caretaker. She is a large, matronly tauren weighing in at 600 pounds of buxom muscle and fists of COWWOMAN FURY. Whenever Bellesta is seriously hurt, she really only trusts Kylee to work on her. Kylee has a real tough-love approach to healing (such as trying Bellesta to a bed to keep her from moving) and generally refuses to let her patents do anything that will make their condition worse. She is very caring, deep down, and is still deeply affected by the death of Selecia.

Night Elven Child

Bellesta's desire to be a mother drove her to adopt from the orphanage out of Shattrath. Selecia's parents had been killed by some of Outland's monsters when she was little, and so she was very young (about 30 years or so) when Bellesta adopted her. Bellesta loved her dearly, but had set up a co-adoption with Kylee to let Selecia live in Moonglade, where she would have grown up to be a druid. The young girl's life was cut short by murder which was left unsolved.

Bishiop "Shadowguard" Samuel
Human Priest
Teaches in Stormwind
Died shortly after Wrathgate

Samuel is an older, angry, heavy bishop who is said to have served in the second war. He has a very public dislike of shadow magic, and the church's choice to not expel any priest working with it. He served as Adel Ashawe's teacher, taking her in when she arrived in hopes of using her to rekindle his friendship with Adel's mother- whom he had always had a sort of twisted infatuation with.

He later, in a rage, kicked out Adel and Dravir from the church. He reconciled with Adel on his deathbed and perished after the news of wrathgate.

Meridian Ashawe
Human Priest
Presumed dead

Adel's mother, whom was thought to perish when the undead rolled through Darrowshire.

More to be edited in later.
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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby uthas » Wed Dec 31, 2008 3:20 am

I just made one up now, that I think would be cool for people to use.

His name is The Jester. He's basically a fence in the Underbelly in Dalaran. He's a lot like Redd in The Shawshank Redemption. He's the guy that can get you things.

He dresses like his name implies, in a ragamuffin jester outfit. Instead of makeup on his face, however, he has jester pattern tattoos. His motto is "Gold Is Clean". Feel free to use as your leisure.
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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Elestera » Wed Dec 31, 2008 5:28 pm

There are a few NPCs I have in my main character's stories.

Rhynelda Moonshadow, in addition to being my bank alt, is a retired priestess of Elune who now makes a bit of side money running a tattoo parlor in Darnassus. She was also placed as Elestera's guardian while she was being raised in the Temple, and is more or less the closest thing the girl has to a mother. She's a fairly serene old woman, who worked as a bit of an adventurer around the borders of Kal'dorei land way back in the day.

Arondris Thornbreeze was a powerful druid, and the father of the half-sisters Elestera (with his first wife, given up to the Temple after the mother died in a messy childbirth) and Lyirdanna (born roughly 700 years later and raised normally). He was a good, if slightly eccentric, man, though a bit overly fond of drink and liable to stick his neck out for others. After his first wife died, he fell into a depressive spell that lasted for centuries until meeting his second. He and his wife both died on the slopes of Hyjal delaying Archimonde's advance, leaving the sisters (technically just Lyir now) the only currently surviving members of that branch of the Thornbreeze family.

Selena Swifthawk was Veriel's daughter, and like her mother joined up with the Sentinels. She served with distinction and rose to the rank of Lieutenant. Her career came to an abrupt end in Warsong Gulch, when she was captured, beaten, raped and killed by a group of mercenaries in Horde employ. The men haven't been identified and are still at large, remaining a persistent source of anger for her mother.

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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Lansiron » Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:18 pm

I got three for Lans off the top of my head. Most of them, as it seems, are sort of like mentor-figures from the character's past.

Fearan "Frakkle" Kell, Priest of the Holy Light

There was a time between the Second and Third wars where Lans was something in the nature of a knight-errant. While on the Lordaeron military payroll, he also tended to roam the countryside taking odd jobs whenever they would come up--things like guarding merchant caravans, hunting down orcish fugitives from the internment camps, beating back the odd disturbance out of Zul'Aman, and generally having adventures. His highest goal at the time was, simply put, the refinement and mastery of his fighting skills, full of youthful enthusiasm for bravery and glory and all that.

During that time, his most frequent companion was a high elven monk named Fearan Kell. "Frakkle", as he was known to most, was a phlegmatic, soft-spoken ascetic, old for an elf, and prone to letting his mind wander. Despite his eccentricity, he was a steady companion on the road, and his off-color insight probably deserves the most credit for Lans' steady outlook (and, daresay, his occasional spots of genuine wisdom) on things in the present day.

Lans and Frakkle parted ways when the priest was called to Quel'thalas to help defend against the Scourge, and Lans was called to Lordaeron to prepare for the battles to come. His current whereabouts are not known; his name hasn't turned up on the lists of casualties from that war, but he otherwise appears to have simply vanished from the face of Azeroth.

Sergeant Pong

If one were to ask Lans, in the present day, who was truly responsible for the Alliance's ultimate victory in the Second War, he would answer, "Lothar, Uther, and Pong. In that order."

Master Sergeant Erasmus Pong was Lansiron's drill sergeant, from his earliest soldiering days.

Sgt. Pong was, in short, everything Dwarven boiled down to quintessence and injected into one of the angriest, most foul-mouthed individuals ever to roam the planet. Lansiron spent his earliest time in the military living in abject terror of him.

Pong was a hard, demanding taskmaster, a brilliant soldier, and a veritable force of nature that served as the backbone of a fighting unit that helped cut a path of destruction in Doomhammer's Horde from Quel'thalas to the threshold of the Dark Portal itself. Some war heroes where galvanizing, inspiring leaders and strategists like Lothar and Danath. Others were unshakable bastions of faith and hope like Uther and Turalyon. Some were just those who's entire careers could be summed up as one long slog through innumerable foes, up to the arse in blood and offal, hissing and spitting the entire way, utterly refusing to fall back when the odds were against them despite everything, including common sense. This was Pong.

In the present day, though, Pong is long-retired, living with his wife in Ironforge. The years have mellowed him, to a degree, but about the extent of it is that now he can actually pass for polite company. Lans will stop in when he's in town, every now and then, to impart a few tales of current affairs, hear stories of Pong's several-dozen great-grandchildren, reminisce about old campaigns, and generally shoot the shit.

Jit'orek Bleedingoak

Lans was "raised by a troll", as he'll tell it. This isn't completely accurate, but a troll did first teach him how to fight and served as something of a father figure. This troll was Jit'orek, an Amani berserker that left Zul'aman after thinking better of some warped high priest's declared intention of sacrificing him, a mighty warrior, to gain the favor of the gods.

To hear old Jit's side of the story, he'd been the victim, but the real tale is, Jit was already laid out on the altar and the priest all prepared to drive down the knife when he just reached right up and grabbed him by the wrist, gave an incoherent bellow, drove the knife through the poor old bastard's neck, and took his head off the rest of the way with his teeth. He then yelled something unintelligible (but undoubtedly offensive) to the stunned crowd and leapt off the top of the ziggurat, disappearing and never to appear within Zul'Aman's borders again.

As he tells the story, he cites "me better instinct" as the driving force behind his behavior that night.

After that, as an exile, he turned to banditry, and later piracy. Circumstances gained him a pardon (from Lordaeron, strangely enough--it's likely that the beaurecrats responsible for pardoning him from an arrest for a crime he truthfully didn't commit also didn't know he was a troll) and later brought him into the privateer crew of one Glenthelas Morgandel--Lansiron's father. His meeting with Lans came about when Glen, in a less-lucid moment, had him deliver a message intended for his wife, Lans' mother, while they were staying in a countryside villa. The monstrous troll and the boy of nine struck it off brilliantly, and he came to look forward to Jit's visits far more often than those of his own negligent father.

Jit'orek's another one who disappeared amidst the chaos of the Second War. It was believed that Morgandel's ship, which flew Lordaeron banners then, was brought down by a flotilla of Horde Juggernauts. The fact that Morgandel himself has since turned up in Quel'thalas and later vacated to Kalimdor, to ostensibly "help the Horde" brings all of this into question. The whereabouts of his crew, including Bleedingoak, are totally unknown.
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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Kuoshiro » Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:37 pm

Oh, man, Tarq, you better wade into the SI:7 version of the Gentlemen Bastards before I do.

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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Tarq » Wed Dec 31, 2008 7:47 pm

Lemme get a few more drinks in me before I start recounting THE LEGEND OF CLOBBER MORGAN.
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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Fells » Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:47 am

Bellesta wrote:So... who are your NPCs?

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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Deanathrae » Tue Jan 06, 2009 7:57 am

Honnete's foster parents are trolls, who used to live in Shadowprey Village. Her mother sold bait - and was renowned for her clam and crab recipes - and her father worked as a guard. Currently Honnete is renting a small apartment for them in Dalaran, where they look after her twins while she works. Both of them spend most of their time in Mo'aki Village, though. Her foster mother loves the new fish in Northrend, and spends much of her time inventing new recipes. And her foster father is learning the Kalu'ak chants while teaching the children how to play nice with wolvar puppies.

Waterspeaker's life was saved by a pair of wandering druids, Rastol Runetotem and his mate Linnaia, who travel from tribe to tribe in Mulgore. They helped her to heal, both physically and mentally after her miscarriage and the knowledge that she could never bear a child. She became a druid mostly in gratitude, once Gretmother Hawkwind (whom they sent her to) convinced her that she could still serve the wider Tauren tribe - as a healer - even if not her own tribe. As far as she knows, they are still doing the rounds of the tribes in Mulgore. Occasionally she meets them in Moonglade and they all spend an evening talking, and sometimes drinking. What Waterspeaker doesn't know is that they are distant cousins of the Archdruid and that he uses them as intelligence gatherers on some of the smaller and more insular tribes.

Deanathrae's life was shaped by her parents' disappearance and the disapproval expressed by her aunt's husband after her aunt and uncle took her in. She doesn't know where her aunt and uncle are now, and hopes never to see them again.

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