Your NPCs.

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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Threnn » Tue Jan 06, 2009 9:54 am

Davien's NPCs:

Jessen and Kyree Stonemantle - her brother's children. A year after their father (also named Jessen) died in Ashenvale, Uthas' plague came to Stormwind, and to their little farm outside of Goldshire. It killed their Great-Auntie and their mother Alliara. Davien, Gharr and Corspilla took the children from the farm and Davien's been raising them in Moonglade. Jessen is quiet and introspective, nearly thirteen. Kyree is almost eight, curious and exuberant, and showing early tendencies towards magic-use.

Threnn's NPCs:

Kaven Howell - her oldest friend from the Abbey, Kaven is making his way through the ranks of the Alliance forces. His wife Bethamin lives in Southshore, currently with Niphe Brackwell as her ward. Kaven is the bastard son of a bastard son, and is the last living heir to House Howell (a minor House located near the Throndoril River, known for their honesty), but he never intends to make the claim.

Thenia and Padraig al'Cair - Threnn's and Anna's parents. They own a fabric shop in Old Town. I think you guys know the rest.

Mrs. Stone - the chandler whose shop is a few doors down from the Pig, across from Cutthroat Alley. Once Threnn's landlady, now Anna's and Cylinn's.

Robert and William Bell - Twin sons of the coffin-maker, have branched out into more general carpentry as well. Robert's the one with the tattoos.

Thomas Maunt (deceased) - had it comin'.

Annalea's NPCs:

Lord Danyll Fairfax - the youngest son of House Fairfax. Fathered the child she lost; turned his back when his men poisoned her and the baby.

Lady Elisabeth Mortimer - Danyll's wife

Merrock Hartwell (deceased) - Fat Merrock Hartwell, jovial, prone to drinking and wenching when he wasn't being a damned good... whatever the hell he did. No one really knows. Saved Annalea's life.

Aumery Fane - Danyll's man. Has a hand twisted into a claw from Anna's poison. Wants revenge.

Harvey - fluffy white ball of cute, Anna and Cylinn's cat.

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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Itanya_blade » Tue Jan 06, 2009 11:37 am

You forgot that the cat is HUGE!

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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Shaila » Tue Jan 06, 2009 6:51 pm

Boreaul- Rahna's husband, and thus Akeelah and Kereena's father. A devious eredar that was a part of the original switch to Sargeras' side. He is obsessed with getting his wife back, constantly trying to convince her to make the switch herself. It's a twisted sort of love he still has for her, often sending his demons to kill any man she may become involved with. He of course also works to help the Legion achieve their goal of wiping out the order of the Titans. He cares little for his daughters, viewing them as a means to an end.

Merry - Boreaul's most well regarded minion currently on Azeroth. She's a fun loving succubus who loves her job, though the type of fun she loves is not exactly the type most would be up for. She's currently taking a break at Boreaul's suggestion, enjoying a thrilling life alongside a pirate captain she's fallen in love with.

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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Bricu » Tue Jan 06, 2009 7:06 pm

Kara Thompson: Serving girl at the Gilded Rose. To borrow a Pillism: Dim but sweet. She also has an annoying, shrill voice.

Brother Sarno: (I totally co-opted him).

Thomas Maunt: Mostly Dead

Old NPCs

Teigue and Tundale Stackpole: Stratholmians. Teigue was Bricu's girlfriend, Tundale was her younger brother and Bricu's First Fan Boy. Teigue is doing something. Tundale was killed.
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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Jolstraer » Sat Jan 17, 2009 9:42 pm

Thigrolm Brenkausen - aka Thiggy Hamfist: Back-alley bruiser, former comrade at arms with Jol Taborwynn. Served with him in the first and second wars as his bannerman. Got out of the army after the defeat of the Orcs and got a plump little wife and a pile of kids in Stormwind. Keeps his family in luxury on the outskirts of Stormwind by providing his unique expertise in keeping ruffians of various organizations indebted to each other. Occasionally has run-ins with Jolly in the back alleys due to over-lapping territory. Always cordial between the two of them.
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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Varenna » Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:18 am


Brother Nedric Lerence
Lawful Good
A priest at the Cathedral. He works and supervises a lot of the Church's charity work, including the recently started Corporal John Harris Fund. He's mostly bald, in his sixties, and has a cane. Often to be found in the Cathedral library. He was once upon a a time a military man, but it doesn't show much. He might wear bifocals.

Lord Jaesric Blackweather
Lawful Good
An Argent Crusader. His dad was a Lordaeron nobleman. He married a Stormwind noblewoman. They raised their first two children (Jaesric and his older sister) in Lordaeron, then went back to Stormwind for the third, then later retired to Lordaeron City right on time for the Third War. Big mistake. Jaesric is somewhere in his thirties, and joined the original Silver Hand just before it imploded due to heinous fuckery. Now he's part of the Bolvar Fordragon™ Displaced Northern Paladin line. He fought at Light's Hope and Angrathar, and is stationed now at the Argent Vanguard, where he's involved in the Crusade's recruitment effort. He has his family's black hair and grey eyes, and despite the neatly-trimmed black Vetinari goatee he isn't a villain. We promise. He's a seven-foot tall pile of muscles, wears his tabard at all times, and uses a massive decapitation axe against zombies for, well, obvious reasons. He prefers for his name to be shortened as "Jaes."

He is a Genuine Badass.

Lord Tirryl Blackweather
Lawful Evil
Jaesric's younger brother. He had the Blackweather hair and eyes, and none of the charm. Formerly in priesthood training at the Cathedral of Light, but nobody's seen him for months. He was taking advanced Shadow Magic classes from a well-known kaldorei guest-instructor...

Ezylia deFontesque
Neutral Good
Another novice at the Cathedral. Her parents are Gilnean merchants who migrated to Stormwind after being caught outside the Wall. They own a book shop, "Peninsula Books", where they sell everything from cookbooks to encyclopedias to the South Seas Saga. They have Way Too Many Children. Ezylia is one of the older ones, but she still hasn't quite hit 20. She has curly brown hair, freckles, and green eyes. Also, chronic shyness, and more brainpower than is good for her. She was in the same Advanced Shadow class as Tirryl Blackweather. She's been spending a whole lot of time in the super ultra holographic platinum dragon restricted sections of the Cathedral library, lately.

Slated to be an eventual PC.

Neutral Evil
Is it a first name? A last name? We don't know! Formerly first mate aboard the Salty Penguin, Veratha the Black's frighteningly well-armed pirate ship. Now he captains her second ship, the Penguin II. He trains slaves for her, and is an exceptionally unpleasant person. Unlike Jaesric, his goatee does mean he's evil.

Ellandra Blacksails
Chaotic Neutral
Presumed Dead
Another pirate. Used to be the captain of a ship called the Blood Kite, then a tidy little fleet of goblin police boats cornered it against a reef and sank it. Previous to that, while not nearly as nasty a breed of pirate as Terrence, she was still responsible for the deaths of an awful lot of merchant ships. She also preyed on military ships and other pirates, which made her fairly famous for awhile. She's a blood elf. Also a total, shameless slut, and hits on anything that breathes. She has short rust-red hair. Officially records show she was executed, but don't buy it. Technically a PC, but don't buy that either.

Chaotic Neutral
A female baby phoenix, and the pampered pet of Argent Crusader Varenna Sungale. Named after Genise Crownsilver. Eats anything flammable, especially coal. Likes setting Varenna's bed on fire. Frequently used as a cigarette lighter by various Riders. Often follows Varenna in combat for the more practical purpose of setting slain zombies on fire to make sure they won't get up again.

And of course...

Shadow Ilarra
Most Definitely Chaotic Evil
You know that nightmare you started having after that one mini-boss in the Water Temple? The nightmare where you're staring at your shadow on the wall next to you, and it moves, and to your horror you realize that you didn't move...? Shadow Ilarra shows up a lot, usually independently of fleshy Ilarra, especially when fleshy Ilarra is otherwise occupied. How much depth she has, how opaque she is, and whether or not she's tangible seems to be a matter of choice for her. Same deal with whether or not she can talk; when she does talk, it tends to echo spookily. She's illustrated before that she has the same control over Ilarra's shadow magic as Ilarra herself does. This is probably because she is Ilarra's shadow magic.

More later.

This thread ought to be stickied.
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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Threnn » Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:38 am

Varenna wrote:This thread ought to be stickied.

Hey, yeah, someone totally ought to do that. Lazy fucking admins.

Oh, wait...

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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Varenna » Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:51 am

<3 Threnn
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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Yva » Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:07 am


Fedwyn: Quite dead. Bad Indarra's 8000 year plus significant other who, after trying to undo what the temple did to her mind and failing, fled into the dream and was corrupted by the nightmare. He became a half nightmare creature and wanted out rather badly, especially when Indarra remembered her life as Grizelle The Fucked Up Shadow User. He was hoping she'd regress to her previous self. Using one of the green dragonflight (Eranikus), he tried to piggyback his way into Azeroth to complete that transformation and uhhh. Got stabbed in the face. Repeatedly. Go Riders.


Bubba: Also deceased, man I'm bad to my NPC's. Bubba was an old gobbo sea captain who had one dream left - to marry an elf girl before he kicked off. Sky did it much to the chagrin of Momma Fells and Momma Seylon (who forced her to OH MY GOD GET OUT OF IT). The marriage was never consumated, after all Cap'n Bubba "had a crank in his cock and he knew his time was comin'", but he used to tell Sky great stories of his sea faring days. They were all lies, of course, but who was she to complain. He passed on last spring.

Xia: Well, not so deceased any more. She raised Sky when Sey was far too fucked up to do a good job of mothering her. She was soft spoken and sweet and wonderful. Then I killed her with cancer. But hey, now she's back with a gigantic fucking weapon strapped to her back and a deathknight. Sky's thrilled! Sey's uhhh, not.

Amarra: Xia's older sister . . . also deceased. NOTICING A TREND? She was a big, brawny butch sentinel who saw a very broken Seylon and dragged her into the military. She trained her, fell in love with her, and taught Sey all she knows about Drinkin', Smokin', an' Whorin'. Oh, and fighting too. Suppose that's important. She died after putting herself in front of a silithid to protect Sey. Sey pretty much stopped talking when she died. Seriously. For like . . . hundreds of years. And when she opened her mouth upon finding her brother Elyle? Her accent was completely fucked up from all the places she'd traveled. Who'da thunk.


Her demons: They've all got personalities that I've tried to play up in her fics. I won't make a list of them here, but . . . yeah. They cause her a bit of grief.

Narsh'zaran: The large fucking nathrezim demon thing controlling Zangdok, Yva's voidwalker. He also left Yva a felguard as a gift, and has since been offering her bits of advice and information FREE OF CHARGE. He scares the crap out of The Little Dead Girl. And he should.


Lydriessa Boleyn: Mother is quite intent on marrying her wayward daughter off as soon as possible. Lydriessa wants the respectability of a union with Lord Harisham, and the only way to do that is through Rain. Lydie's an ambitious cow, late in her 40's, who adores politicking. She knows /everyone/ worth knowing in Stormwind society. Her bridge partner used to be Lady Onyxia. You can imagine how embarassing that turned out to be. A lizard, whoda thunk?

Vadras Boleyn III: Rain's brother. He's a ranger, a near expert hunter, who values his horses far above his women. He's still a bachelor and uses his title as bait to bed anything he wants. He likes his sister as much as he can like any woman, and does spoil her when given the chance. He's recently kicked Lady Coulton out of his bed for 'getting too attached' and is searching for a new mistress. Mortimer, his secretary, has been doing a fine job of wooing Jhoryla for him. She gets flowers frequently. Like every day.

Lord Harisham: Rain's 'intended'. He's fat, pock marked, and handsy. He's also disgusting rich and high ranking. He wears a silver mask to cover the scars on his face, thinking it makes him 'fashionable'. Tubby men in masks are still just gross tubby men.

Esme: The family's housemaid, who - with the late Lord Vadras - really raised Rain.

Cook: The Boleyn family cook who just . . wants to be called Cook. He's a Stormwind novelty in that he's an orc. He was freed from one of the camps some years back, and made SUCH a good stew, Lord Vadras II hired him and put him in his kitchens. Cook's pretty happy there. He doesn't go out much for fear of a Stormwind guard eating his face off, but yeah. Picture an enormous orc warrior wearing an apron and making a great pastry and you've got the right idea.
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Re: Your NPCs.

Postby Lansiron » Fri Mar 06, 2009 4:14 pm

Crap! Now that this thread has re-emerged I need to update--and actually, retcon--some of Lans'. I did a bit of thinking lately on a few significant plot points (many connecting to his father) that really only I would care too much about, but elaboration is to be had.

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