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Cookie Crumbs

Postby Shaila » Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:26 am

A random assortment of short and long writings on Shaila's life.


Shaila put the last plate on the drying rack as she gave a thumbs up to her son, who was rolling his sleeves back down. The eight year old Tobias gave her his usual calm smile, and stepped away from the wash basin where he had been helping her with the dishes. She turned back to the basin and picked it up, carrying it to the door as Tobias opened it for her, dumping the basin water onto the grass outside. She let out a brief sigh, then headed back in to put the basin in its place beside the kitchen counter.

She turned, watching Tobias as he headed upstairs. She tilted her head slightly as she rolled down her own sleeves. Eight years old, and he was almost as tall as she was. Her five year old daughter was more than halfway to reaching Shaila’s own height.

Four feet and eleven inches for Shaila...four feet for Tobias...three and a half feet for Jaina.

The day was coming when her kids would be taller than her, and it was looking like they wouldn’t even need to reach their teens to achieve it.

Shaila sighed.
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Re: Shaila Bits

Postby Shaila » Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:07 am


Shaila sat in the chair, her foot idly tapping against the floor as she thought of the best way to start this conversation. It would be the first serious conversation she had ever had with Jaina, her five year old daughter. The aforementioned spawn sat across from her in the study, already squirming slightly impatient due to the waiting. Shaila had assured her she was not in trouble, but it was becoming clear to the little girl that a surprise as well did not seem to be forthcoming.

“Mooooooooooom,” Jaina whined. “This. Is. BORING.”

Shaila closed her eyes and nodded. “Alright.” She opened her eyes. “I’ll just come out with it then. How would you like to meet your daddy, Jaina?” Shaila smiled encouragingly.

Jaina blinked, sitting still. “Buuut...Daddy’s gone, ya said so.”

“I know,” Shaila replied, voice soft. “Sometimes mommy makes mistakes, though. I just found out recently that he’s not gone after all.”

“Waaas heeee...” Jaina paused to think, her feet rubbing against each other as her eyes looked up thoughtfully. “Fightin’ stuff?” Her eyes went back to her mom.

Shaila opened her mouth, then paused to think. She closed her mouth. “ lost. And just managed to find his way back.”

“Daddy shoulda had a map.” Jaina gave an exaggerated nod.

An unsure grin formed on Shaila’s face. “Yes. He should have. You’re right.”

Jaina beamed. She liked it when she was right. “LET’S GET DADDY A MAP!” She leaned forward in her seat as she exclaimed this, excited.

“Oh sweety,” Shaila said, a genuine smile appearing on her face as her eyebrows drew up sympathetically. “I’m...not sure...”

Jaina frowned, standing up on her chair. “MAP! I wanna getta gift for Daddy!”

Shaila frowned in return. “Jaina, don’t...” Shaila reconsidered, and took a breath. “Alright.” Her frown turned into a smile. “We’ll go to the city later today and find Daddy a good map. Okay?”

Jaina grinned mischeviously, and with a pump of her fist into the air declared “I WIN!”

Of all the things that Jaina could pick up from Shaila and Chel, why did that have to be one of them? Shaila let out a small sigh, then gave her daughter an appraising look.

“What are you going to ask Daddy?”

Jaina sat back down, thinking for a few seconds. “If he’s gonna get me a toy.”

Shai smiled. “What if he already got you a toy? What will you ask him then?”
“WAIT I WANNA CHANGE MY QUESTION!” Jaina yelled, widening her eyes.

“Okay...?” Shaila gave an amused smile. “And please use your inside voice, sweety.”

Jaina giggled. She loved it when it was brought to her attention that she was being too loud. She almost seemed to take pride in it.

“Umm, I ask him...if he got me a toy.” Jaina smiled, satisfied.

Shaila laughed. “Okay. And what then?”

“Mommy I can’t make a writing GOSH.” Jaina rolled her eyes. She of course meant that she couldn’t make a script.

“Sorry!” Shaila said. “I just...well Daddy’s sad that he missed so much, so...well you’ll do fine, nevermind. I’ll be with you anyway. I’m sorry sweety, adults sometimes have a problem of worrying too much.”

“I worry tons!” Jaina said. “Like what if Fen is playing with some bad influence kid RIGHT NOW?” Fen being Chelody’s daughter, Priscilla. They couldn’t really figure out why Jaina called her Fen, but it was one of the first names Jaina had started to say. They had tried to teach her to say Priscilla instead, but Fen just kept coming back.

“Don’t worry sweety, I’m sure Priscilla is fine.” Shaila relaxed. If the conversation was already moving away from Valedor, could it really have been that-

“Are you and Daddy gonna be in love again?”

Shaila froze. Nope. Not that easy. Shoot.

“” Shaila stammered, her mind racing, looking for the right words. “” She gave her daughter an almost fearful look.

“Okay,” Jaina said, simply. “Ya like each other right?”

Shaila nodded slowly. “We do. We’re still friends.”

Jaina smiled. “Friends is better. Whenever you’re in love you get all sad and stuff.”

Shaila blinked. “I do...?”

Jaina nodded. “I like it best when you’re happy. You been really happy lately. It’s fun!”

Shaila smiled, and moved over to hug her daughter tight. It’s true, she had been really happy lately. But her daughter had managed to miss one important detail. She was completely in love with someone.

That someone just wasn’t her ex fiance.

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