Peace at Any Price

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Peace at Any Price

Postby Ulthanon » Thu Nov 13, 2008 8:38 pm

Silence had fallen over the Trade District at last. No more hustle and bustle of the auction house, no more arguments of politics or religion or battle tactics shouted from the street corners, no more commotion from the bank. Quiet had finally fallen over the city of Stormwind, an eerie blanket that not even the birds dared to disturb.

Ulthanon Kaidos was there, but he was not moving.

The boats had sailed for Northrend and this was the result.

Ulthanon Kaidos had fallen by a tree in the Park, dead.

With a happy sigh, he readjusted a floppy-brimmed hat to completely shade his eyes from the sun. Nearly everyone had left for Northrend last night, but he hadn't. Let the rest of them freeze their balls off, he'd decided, he was taking a day off. No arms and armor, no desperate plans, no stress. He had a whole picnic basket of Mok'Nathal Shortribs that he planned to finish off -remembering them, he threw one to Ghost, who started gnawing on it with an appreciative grunt- and a large, cold-lined case of Autumnal Ale he'd managed to save.
He knew he was losing money by not jumping into the front lines. He'd estimated the first night up north could net someone a few hundred gold, if they were slick about their work. And he could certainly use the money, that he wouldn't deny. But...
Screw it.

Vacation Day:
  • Mok'Nathal Shortribs (20): 1.3 Gold
  • Autumnal Ale (12): .89 Gold
  • Peace: Priceless

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