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Retired Weapons

Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2011 4:07 pm
by Dalbarr
The finely honed edge of the blade gleams as it catches the light. A weapon forged with the energy of vortices borne by demons from the Twisting Nether, elementium and the primal elements of Draenor. The mark of it's maker is imprinted where the blade meets the haft. A stylized D.S. in dwarven runes, the initials of the dwarf who cradles it in his hands now. An axe that has split the skulls of dozens of enemies who survived the hail bullets that is the dwarf's calling card. It struck the killing blow against the crazed demon hunter Leotheras the Blind, earning it's owner the trust of new-found allies. It's name is Bloodmoon.

Now it is poised to take claim another victim. The hunter eyes his unsuspecting prey, examining it's weaknesses, taking his time. His breath forms mist in the chill air and icicles dangle in his beard. Calmly, quietly, he approaches, sets his feet wide for balance and raises the blade over his head. It descends in a smooth arc, flashing in the late afternoon light. The pine log splits cleanly in two. The blade lodges in the block with a satisfying thud.

Dalbarr begins whistling a jaunty dwarven Winterveil carol as he gathers the halves and tosses them onto a pile of their fellows in a nearby wheelbarrow. With a little tug, he pulls the blade from the block and lays it lovingly atop the pile. Gripping the handles he begins wheeling the load back to his newly rebuilt cottage near the diminished shores of Loch Modan.

"May be nippy outside, but s'gonna be nice'n warm inside this Winterveil," he mumbles to himself.

((Just something that wandered into my head as I was chopping wood this afternoon. Merry Whatever You Celebrate to everybody and have a Happy Winterveil.))

Re: Retired Weapons

Posted: Sat Dec 24, 2011 4:53 pm
by Tarq
((Hahaha, awesome stuff dude. Happy Festivus!))