Wondering about school in Azeroth ((OOC))

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Re: Wondering about school in Azeroth ((OOC))

Postby Duerma » Wed May 30, 2012 10:26 am

Miss Danna is a schoolmistress who leads a gaggle of 7 kids around Stormwind. I figured Duerma's daughter went to her school, and I'd imagine Tobias & Jaina could as well.

I found a Google book about medieval schooling. Apparently even as early as the 800s, Charlemagne realized that an educated population was the key to prosperity, and many towns had by the 1300s, usually run by the church or founded by some philanthropist with a bunch of money. With the proliferation of books we see in the WoW world, we can assume that there is a moveable-type printing press or equivalent, which really spurred the universal education movement. In 1179 the church mandated that priests provide free education to the towns they served in and the 16th-18th centuries saw the founding of many non-church-affilliated charity schools. So, it would be realistic to suppose that everyone can go to school if they want to.

The amount of time spent in school appears to vary with your social status though. Poor kids would be there for 2-5 years before starting an apprenticeship, while rich kids might be there for 8ish years before continuing on to a university. It wasn't compulsory, though - if your parents or lord or whatever didn't think you needed school, then you didn't go. The age at which you started school varied widely too - lord's sons could go as early as 4, and the latest you could enter was 11 or 12.

According to that book I linked, schools would start at 6AM and go to 9, then have a breakfast break. Then they'd go 10-12 and have a lunch break. Then they'd go 1-5 before going home. These hours would vary based on the season, with the summer school day lasting 2ish hours more than the winter one. If they had a summer break, it would happen sometime between June 24 & September 29, not necessarily lasting that entire time, and it'd be just to help with the harvest.

Yay Google for having such a useful book linked! Information ahoy!

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Re: Wondering about school in Azeroth ((OOC))

Postby Tarq » Wed May 30, 2012 10:30 am

Oh neat. /bookmarks
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Re: Wondering about school in Azeroth ((OOC))

Postby than » Wed May 30, 2012 5:31 pm

Duerma wrote:...or founded by some philanthropist with a bunch of money.

Oh hey, that's us!

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