Should Have Brought Tea and Cookies

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Should Have Brought Tea and Cookies

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((This went up over the weekend on IC Facebook. Wanted to give the folks not on Facebook that I mentioned a chance to correct any glaring errors before I throw it up on the realm forums.))

Lorelli had said it herself, many times. This peace summit was a bad idea. They were gathering too many of their hardest names into a small space and expecting cooler heads to win out. It was a disaster waiting to happen. Yet, when asked, she’d told many folks it was worth trying. She’d tried to convince Bricu when his conviction seemed to be flagging.

You can hope in one hand and plan for calamity in the other. She’d said. Now, standing here staring down assembling members of the Horde, she couldn’t help thinking anything that happened was just as much her fault as anyone else's. She had walked her people into an ambush not so cleverly disguised as tea and cookies. The hammer just hadn’t fallen yet and there was nothing she could do but be ready when it did.

They had barely been there half an hour and already the tension was so thick Lorelli could have cut it with any of the knives she carried. The Circle of Wills in Dalaran’s Underbelly seemed to be getting smaller. Who’s fool idea was it to hold a peace summit here, anyway? Neither she nor Ulthanon had been happy about the change in venue. She could recall many other less than stellar reviews during their scouting mission with Kirotei two evenings prior. The courtyard top side hadn’t really seemed ideal either all things considered. There really was nowhere she would have been comfortable doing this.

Lorelli had taken up position behind and between Tarquin and Bricu. Already the combined haze from their cigarettes dense enough to be just as effective as any of the flash bombs she carried. Bricu’s voice carried around the gathering utilizing the acoustics of the space, the pipes leading in from the outside hallways. Tarquin’s replies were not as deep nor rich but were effective all the same.

Lorelli registered Alliance presence on either side of her and some behind as well. It wasn’t an optimal scenario in her mind. They weren’t Riders. She knew it was folly to think that way. They were all in this together but she knew who she wanted at her back.

There was occasional chatter coming across on the guild’s buzzbox frequency. Illithias’ voice carried to Lore’s ears. The warrior’s mere presence set her just as much on edge as any of the Horde attendees.

“I don’t like hiding in the back.”

You don’t have to like it. Lore thought to herself.

Bricu lit up another cigarette, handed one across to Tarquin. Lorelli began to raise her hand to try and wave away some of the cloud but realized it would have been a wasted effort. Just as nature abhors a vacuum, more of the foul stuff would swoop in to fill the space she created.

“Think of it this way, you get to spend quality time with me” Ulthanon’s response to Illi followed shortly in the wake of the warrior’s petulant declaration. Lorelli could almost imagine him grinning, except that Ulth didn’t really seem to smile. Much. He said he’d keep an eye on the overzealous kaldorei with half her face a mass of scars. They should have both been stationed up on the balcony by now. Lorelli would eat her mask if Ulth didn’t already have an arrow nocked and trained somewhere in the Horde delegation.

There was yet more chatter behind her but Lore wasn’t bothering to follow. She had been trained to pick out words here and there and put them together later. She had focused her attention on what was quickly becoming the Horde side of the circle. Just as with their own gathering the group appeared to be made up of all the races its faction had managed to bring into the fold. Some of them looked like very capable. Most of them did, really.

Bricu had rolled another cigarette. Is he going to smoke two at once, now? Lorelli shook her head as Bricu offered the fresh roll to their sindorei translator. “Yeh smoke?” He asked. Then’liath shook her head a look of disgust obvious on her face. Bricu didn’t give up though. “Give it to yer sister.” Then’liath did not seem to approve of this suggestion. Great opener, really. Bricu shoved the cigarette behind his ear with a shrug.

“Getting near on time, innit?” Tarquin wasn’t burning through smokes as fast as Bricu, but his was almost gone.

“Everything’s in position.” At Ulthanon’s reply Lorelli allowed herself to relax a little. At least something had gone smoothly so far.

“So then. Let’s get this bit o’negotiation started.” Bricu commented as Chelody joined them at the center of the circle, Shaila following only a step behind. So many high profile targets and no way to ensure they all stayed out of harms way, except lots of planning. And planning she had done.

“Listen for the call to form up.” Lorelli reminded, though she knew she didn’t need to. She heard her voice echo tinnily over the other boxes nearby turned to that channel. She’d gone over the plan so many times she’d probably started reciting it in her sleep. She had discussed it thoroughly with the other Riders and member of the security team she had formed. She’d brought in Kirotei even, to ensure he knew her plans and they didn’t end up tripping over each other trying to accomplish the same ends. Heading up a group like this was new to her and she couldn’t help but idly wonder how she’d landed this detail in the first place.

The call goes out. Kyraine, I want you, Kelliana and Aely on Tarquin. Get him to the portal and get him out. If you can get Chelody too, do it. Bricu, Threnn and Illi will fall into the second wave and cover you. Zha’ane, Pitch, Alanon and myself will hold the line with Ulth providing cover fire.

It was a sound plan, they just had to hold it together.

Lorelli turned her head at the sound of horse hooves on stone. Aely had left her spot by Kyraine and was walking her rather impressively decked charger to the right side of the Alliance gathering point. Ky was still mounted to the left and they flanked the group like some sort of cavalry or honor guard.

Then’liath prompted for them to begin. She seemed cool and collected, completely unbothered by staring Bricu and Tarquin in the face. It probably helped that the pair standing behind her were twice as big as either of the men speaking for the Alliance side. Ebon Thundermoon and the Duke, Lore had heard them called respectively. Those were details she had made sure to file away.

Bricu nodded to Then, “Right.” He lit his umpteenth cigarette of the evening. “There’s territory in dispute; Gilneas, Ashenvale--” Illithias growled and someone offered, “Southshore!” before Bricu could finish. The second voice was high pitched and below her eye level, probably a gnome. The territory discussion -- if you could call it that -- continued. Lorelli continued to only pay half attention picking out words here and there and discarding them if they seemed to mean nothing to her mission. She was paying more attention to the Horde attendees skulking about in the back of the group. A straight on attack would have been deadly, yes, but she was much more concerned about stealth attacks from behind. The main reason she had stationed Pitch, Alanon and Zha’ane where she had. Just like their own side, not everyone would fight. Who would flee, would would join and who would play dirty?

Ililthias was no longer satisfied with inflicting her sunny disposition on the guild alone. She had taken her smart alec comments on to one of the public channels. That’s fine. She can snark all she wants as long as she keeps out of trouble.

The discussion had changed tracks many times by then, but always seemed very circular in nature. Their side argued the land and resources could be shared. The Horde delegates seemed to think anything that wasn’t taken by force wasn’t worth accepting. Lorelli’s head snapped around. Ulthanon had called Illi’s name with undisguised irritation which told the rogue the latter had left her post and Lore should be expecting her down front any minute. She scanned the crowd, an eight foot armor-decked elf with half a face shouldn’t have been too hard to spot.

Lorelli was slowly growing more agitated. She was losing the ability to process those snippets of conversation. She didn’t need this shit. She needed the calm, the battle trance, she needed to be working alone. “This is a waste of time.” she muttered to herself. Illi had started growling after every word the Horde delegates uttered and it was coming through almost too clearly on the buzzbox. Lore had focused all her attention on her puerile warrior until a tauren from the back broke off to join the rest of the speakers. She’d seen him before with the blood elves, Dorri and Keltyr.

“Illi, calm yerself. Breath ‘thout growlin’ fer a tick.” Fells’ voice carried over the buzz box now. Lorelli realized she had no idea where Fells had ended up. She and Shad had been a last minute addition. Lore had only had time to tell the druid to get Fells out once the fighting started. They has only just gotten her back and really didn’t need to lose her again.

“Illi, what did I tell you about getting too close to the front?” Ulthanon had quit bothering with the guild channel. Illi, meanwhile, had made her way through the crowd and was halfway between her previous position and Lore.

Bricu lit up another cigarette. “Honestly... with Ebon here, I feel more comfortable with Illi closer.”

Lorelli closed her eyes and took a deep breath, held it before exhaling. This is a really bad idea.

“Want me closer, Bricu?”

Absolutely not! “You’re fine where you are.” Lorelli insisted, feeling more and more like she was rapidly losing control of the situation. She’d been trying to keep any hint of anxiety out of her voice and was pretty sure she was losing that battle too.

“This is your operation, Bricu. You want her on the front, she’s yours.” Whether Ulth was happy about the situation or not didn’t matter. He wasn’t going to argue.

No! No, no, no! And neither was she.

Lorelli caught Illi’s voice as the warrior joined in the comments. She had begun making suggestions of things to present to the delegates. This would only get worse.

Bricu turned his head, cigarette hanging from the opposite corner of his mouth. He spoke in hushed tones to Lore. “I’m not comfortable with those fucking slick-ears behind me.” The ‘slickears’ in question had been hanging around Chelody pretty much since the Mother Rose had arrived. “I’m watching them.” The rogue replied. Though she hardly expecting danger to from that quarter.

“Illi, can yeh get near Lore?”

Bricu, you Light-forsaken idiot. You’re asking for trouble. So much trouble.

Then Illi was right behind her. Presently the warrior moved up to stand beside Lore. The rogue place a hand on the other woman’s arm as if to say ‘that’s far enough’. They were right behind Bricu, that should have been close enough. It wasn’t, not for Illi. She kept trying to sneak forward as if Lore wouldn’t notice or not caring if she did.

“Illi, come a couple steps back if ya would.” Lorelli had completely tuned out the delegates. All she was listening for was a change in tone, even a slight shift that would signal trouble. To her credit, Illithias took a few steps back but cracked her knuckles as she did. The sound seemed awfully loud to Lore’s ear but no one else seemed to take notice. She reached out to try and calm the warrior again. Illi glanced at her but didn’t move.

“I want to speak.” Illi’s voice broadcast over the guild channel. It didn’t sound like a request.

“Nope.” And that’s all there was to Tarquin’s reply.

Illi carried on with her attempts to get closer to the front. Lorelli knew the half faced warrior didn’t care one bit whether anyone else thought she was too close or not. She thought she needed to be closer and her rules were different from everyone else's. Lore continued to try and drag the other woman back all through the next couple of minutes, hours, the rogue had lost track. Illi was becoming more and more belligerent. Her steps forward were longer and Lorelli fervently wished she could order her back to stand with Ulthanon again.

“See? They don’t want peace! They want more war! I will give them what they want!”

“That’s two fuckin’ nutters, Illi.” Tarquin corrected.

“You will keep your damned mouth shut, Illi! This is tense enough as it is! And I have too many Horde to watch without having to watch you too!” Lore was slightly gratified that someone felt her pain and was doubly glad Bricu had convinced Ulthanon to come.

She tried to focus her attention back on the discussion, see if she could pick up the thread of it again. That was when the bomb was found. Lorelli had noted when they came forward carrying the box and had been watching intently ever since.

“We want one o’ours ta inspect it as well. Mix?” Bricu waved his hand, complete with burning cigarette. The gnome stepped forward.

“Easy. Easy. Aye Mixler.” Tarquin cautioned.

“Riders, we’re ready to leave in a hurry, yes?” Lorelli continued to eye the box as a flurry of activity took place around it. A lot of voices came over the guild channel, some almost overlapping each other.

“We are.” Came Shad’s reassuring reply. At least Lore didn’t need to worry overly much about that crew.

“Good.” She had no reply better than that.

“I can make portals, if need be. Just need a few shields around me just in case.” Though Lorelli hadn’t seen Pallido arrive, it seemed he’d found his place near the back and was ready to create an exit in a hurry.

“You’ll have Ky and Kelliana on you.” Lore didn’t like the term ‘shield’. But really, when it came down to it, that’s what they were.

Ulthanon’s reply was a couple more heartbeats following, “Exits are covered.”

“I am fine by myself.” Illithias insisted to no one in particular because no one had asked.

Lorelli took another deep breath in an attempt to keep her tone even. Now was not the time to lose her temper. “Illi, I want you covering with Bricu.” Why was she even bothering? She really wished she had gotten to speak to Illithias before this. Wishes did not keep people alive.

Kyraine has been fairly quiet all evening. Lorelli had really come to appreciated that about the Gilnean woman. “Aye, I got the mage. Someone on Tarq?” And when she did speak it was almost always straight to the point.

“I’ll cover the lot of you by killing them all.” Illi snarled into the box. She’d moved forward again. She was almost past Bricu now. Much further and she’d be in the translator’s face.

“And. Get. Back. Here. By. Me. Now.” Lorelli pushed all the authority she could into her voice. It was pointless as Illi never cared. Lore’s reins on her temper were slipping. She really didn’t think she could drag Illi away by force. The warrior had a good foot of height on her and at least twice as much muscle. Illi took a step back but it wasn’t nearly far enough for Lore. “Keep coming. I don’t want to be trying to look through you. You’re a shite window.”

It wasn’t long until illi was moving forward again. As if she had something to add as far as bombs were concerned. There was Lore, trying her damndest to draw the warrior back. “Illi, you’re blocking my view again.” The rogue had lost track of some of the Horde she’d been watching near the back. She hoped Ulthanon was paying better attention than she was.

“Illi, you're not speaking and you will not. Get behind the damned delegates, I will not tell you again.” What’s the definition of crazy ? Repeating the same action over and over hoping for a different result? She’d never claimed to be sane.

Somewhere in the midst of it all the bomb had been nullified, discarded and forgotten. The incident had altered the tone of the talks however. Perhaps faced with their own mortality, the delegates had decided to consider their presentations a bit more carefully. Lorelli sized up the axe in Thundermoon’s hand. Then again, maybe not.

Kelliana had pushed through the crowd to stand at Lore’s shoulder. Lorelli was glad she’d brought her in. Kell seemed capable and level headed. And she took orders. The rogue leaned down to hear what news the other woman brought. As short as Lore felt standing next to Illi, she guessed Kelliana felt just a short standing next to Lore.

“We don’t seem to have the exits covered any longer.”

Lorelli gave an almost imperceptible shake of her head. “My people are still in place. Even if you can’t see them.” She was positive they would not have abandoned their posts.

“Very well.” Kelliana gave her a nod and stepped back.

Illithias had gotten too far for Lore to yank on the back of her tabard again. “Illi...”

“Which one is Blackheart?” So many voices Lorelli didn’t recognize. She made a note to crash more Rose meetings. Tarquin was there responding immediately, his voice casual but she thought perhaps she’d heard somewhat else.

“Here’s a name. Auld times.”

“He’s here?” She heard Fells ask.

Illi inclined her head as if Fells were standing next to her. “The scourge up front.” Her voice brimmed over with contempt.

Then’liath was speaking again. Bricu nodded and then paused, glancing to Malkavet and repeating what he thought he’d heard aloud.

“What, what?” Bricu was going back over what he’d heard realized it didn’t quite make sense.

“What’s this ta do wi’ Forgebreaker?” At least Tarquin was able to form complete sentences.

That got everyone’s attention. No one had heard from Bletar in months. Lorelli opened her mouth but no sound came out. From the corner of her eyes she saw the burning ember of Tarquin’s cigarette fall from his hand. At the same time, Illithias cracked her knuckles.

The last I heard, Beltar was groveling under the ministrations of an interrogator.

Bricu was repeating the words numbly as if it was easier to just deliver them almost word for word instead of try to process them and summarize.

As to be expected, this did not go over well. Illi bared her teeth and snarled, Lorelli reached out grabbed the warrior’s arm again. It was instinctive, a desire to hold together the plan, but she wanted to go for Blackheart’s walking corpse just as much as the other woman did. Illi jerked her arm away. Okay, maybe not quite as much.

“I have a firing solution on Blackheart.” Ulthanon confirmed. he was merely waiting for the signal to loose.

Lorelli grabbed for Illi again.

“Grrrggghhh...” Illi growled loud enough it was picked up by Lore’s box, which she was readying for the order.

“The fuck’s going on?” Demanded Threnn.

Lorelli wanted to know that herself. “Hold Riders.”

“Nothing good.” Kyraine replied in response to Threnn.

Hurry up and get here, Threnn. We’ll need you soon.

“Just keep your damn heads down and wait, folk.”

“Blackheart’s claiming to have Beltar!”

“They’ve...sweet bloody Light.” Threnn breathed.

Illi growled. She’d had enough of talking, and caution and inaction. She bared her teeth in a full room echoing snarl. “Oh for the love of Blessed Elune...” She looked over the delegates for the Horde, her eyes coming to rest on Then’liath. The sindorei, at that moment, had the misfortune of being the closest enemy target to Illi.

“Blackheart. Hand ‘lim back o’er.” There was no demand in Tarquin’s voice. It was almost as if he sincerely hoped the forsaken would listen to what seemed like a perfectly reasonable request.

It all happened simultaneously. Then’liath smirked at Illi, when she saw the warrior eyeing her. Tarquin’s tone changed to pleading, hoping to appeal to Blackheart’s sense of what? Humanity? “We got an exchange. I could dig people outay the Vault. I got reins ta pull. We’ll make a deal, and yeh give ‘mi over. Afore this gets so fucked yeh canna see the bottom.” Tarquin paused long enough to swallow, all the color had drained from his face. Blackheart was either ignoring him or didn’t care. If Lorelli had to guess she’d have said both. Tarquin wasn’t ready to give up just yet. “Once... more. An exchange o’prisioners. Walk away fra’ this with something.”

Lorelli was already planning her route through the crowd. Blackheart was flanked on either side. It would have been a suicide charge. Plus it wouldn’t have gotten them any information on Beltar. Taking him prisoner was out of the question for the very same reasons. Illithias and Then’liath were having some sort of unspoken exchange and they all felt whatever it was was about to snap.


“You may want to step back.” Lore noted.

“Aye, back up, Tarq.” Kyraine should have been making her way to the Boss even as she spoke.

Ulthanon’s call of, “Boss!” rang out at the same moment Illi grabbed the front of Then’liath’s robes. Her reply was in orcish and no one bothered to translate.

“Oh fuck all...” Lorelli suspected Ulthanon was already on the move.

“Illi.” Aley added her own voice to the chorus, though the warrior was beyond reaching.

Then’liath was speaking again, still caught in Illithias’ iron grip. Her tone had become mocking and Illi didn’t need nor care to know what she said. This won’t end well for you, at least.

Tarquin apparently wasn’t moving. Why the hells wasn’t Tarquin moving? Movement from the corner of her eye hooked her attention in an instant. A slickear had come from the back of the crowd and was on an intercept course for the center of the circle. Lorelli was in motion before she had even finished processing what she was seeing.

“Weapons.” Tarquin gave the order. Lorelli should have given the signal for to form up but she had other matters to attend to.

“Traps away!” Ulth called out.

There was a purple glow forming around the hands of the blood elf coming at them. Lore didn’t know much about magic but she knew that was a bad sign. The attacker had picked out Bricu who was closest and all her attention was focused on him. Lorelli knew she wasn’t going to make it. Not enough time, even for her, but she threw herself at Bircu anyway and suddenly pain and purple haze exploded in her vision. They went down in a heap. Bricu’s armor banged loudly and echoed with the sound of Illi’s growling.

The pain was bad, but not unbearable. Lorelli rolled to her feet. A loud wail assaulted her ears. Bricu had started screaming and that sound dominated everything, or at least it was the foremost sound in her head that drove her on. No time, there we nothing she could do to help but make sure the bitch didn’t get another shot. Threnn would see to Bricu. She turned just in time to see Illi pull back and unleash the full force of her fist in Then’liath’s face.

“Diplomats back!” Tarquin shouted, fighting to be heard over the fallen Bricu..

“Goddess dammit, Illi!” Lorelli snarled. No time. She’d tracked the slickear warlock and it seemed she was setting up for another cast. One thought repeated over and over in Lore’s mind. Stop her.

Warlocks could fling shadows but Lorelli could wear them like a cloak. They allowed her to move silently and unseen among those who didn’t understand their nature. The rogue skirted the outside of the gathering, following the warlock around. She didn’t know someone was coming for her and that was how Lore wanted it. Her target was still nursing the purple glow, feeding intent and power into her next spell.

No you don’t. Lorelli thought. She would only get one chance at this. Up against an opponent carrying hard tangible weapons she had the advantage. She was fast and she’d been trained to read others for even the most subtle of tells. Steel and wood weapons you could track with your eyes. Spells were harder to follow and some of them just couldn’t be dodged or blocked. Lore closed with the blood elf drawing the silken cord taught between her hands. Can’t breathe, can’t cast. She gave a three count and slipped the cord around the warlock’s neck. Before she could tighten the trap she was tossed back. losing her hold of the length of silk. Lorelli impacted the stone and rolled a few times, she barely managed to make it back to her feet on the final roll, a little dazed. So much for her one shot.

The warlock had turned, searching for her assailant. Her green orbs came to rest on Lorelli, her expression full of fury. She took few deliberate steps forward. Her expression said something to the effect of, ‘ that was your first and last mistake and I am not afraid of you.’ She was faced with a leather clad shadow and warlocks bent shadows to their will.

The blood elf hurled a purple orb at Lorelli. The rogue punched straight through it, unable to dodge and slammed into the warlock’s chest. Her daggers had left their rest at her hips and one entered flesh but stopped meeting some sort of magical resistance. Lorelli had the height and weight advantage but the blood elf channeled fell energy and managed to drive the rouge back again as an explosion of shadow erupted between them.

Lorelli could hear the noise and was aware of the chaos unfolding around them. Her center of focus had shrunk, however. Should anyone enter it she would deal with them but for now it was just her and Cantoria Caelum.

A shadowy orb hummed past her ear. Lore took advantage of the time between wind ups to close the distance. She felt an unnatural terror take her mind and grip her stomach in an icy hold. The urge to run became almost overwhelming. She had just about completed a turn leaving her back open to Cantoria when her own will finally won out. She whirled back around to find another shadow bold ready to impact with her face. Lore threw her hands up but the spell wasn’t picky about where it hit. The magic washed over her and that purple haze intruded on her vision again. She was on her hands and knees before she even realized she was falling. This time, the pain was close unbearable and one more hit would ensure she didn’t get up.

Lorelli tried to push herself further and was rewarded with a boot in the side for her efforts. The rogue grunted and rolled onto her side. Her vision cleared just enough to make out Cantoria, a vaguely sindorei shaped shadow, coming towards her. Lore ordered her limbs to move. She felt sluggish, but sluggish for her was still faster than most. She waited a heart beat and kicked out at Cantoria, sweeping her legs out from under her. The rogue rolled to her feet, the purple haze still hanging on at the edges of her vision. She tightened her grip on her daggers knowing she had to end this.

Lorelli threw herself at Cantoria, blades slashing in a blur of steel, the whistle audible in close proximity even over the cacophony of combat. The warlock tried to roll away but one of the blades found its mark, biting into the flesh of her thigh. Pain shot through the limb and twisted her face into a grimace. She must have interrupted something pretty important as there was no magical resistance this time. The rogue refused to let up and somewhere she had found reserve energy and was in such form as to show exactly she she’d been picked up by the Rider’s in the first place. She dogged Cantoria’s every step, not giving her enough time to refresh her wards let alone something more complicated, like an attack.

They danced among the circle, oblivious to the others engaged around them. Cantoria managed to loose a couple of bursts of fel energy but they were weak. Lorelli dropped back from each one as if she could read each cast plain as a warning sign on Cantoria’s face. Right before the burst went off the rogue was gone and before she’d even start working towards another elf and blades were back. The warlock was losing ground and soon her attacker would...

Two daggers entered her body almost simultaneously. She had no breath left to cry out, her mouth open in a ‘o’ of surprise and pain. But she had one last shadow bolt in her and away it went. She couldn’t decided if the pain was greater when the blades entered her flesh or when they suddenly left. She was slightly gratified to see her bolt hit its target before she crumpled into a bloody mess on the stone floor.

Things seemed to move back into real time for Lorelli. Sadly pain is much more acute without that single minded battle clarity. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep standing. Situation assessment first, collapse later. Riders were scattered throughout the melee. She spotted Threnn trying to lift Bricu up, the latter didn’t seem to be taking it well. He was still crying out. His voice had grown hoarse with it and occasionally it would cut out until he was moved again, his skin black and cracked looking.

“Fall back! Riders back, yeh fuckers!” Tarquin yelled, still trying to be heard over all the other noise. He should have been through the portal by now. Where the hells was Kyraine?

“Riders! Form up!” She pitched her voice as best she could through the pain. They needed to cover Threnn until she got some help. Lorelli looked around spotting faces in the crowd and discarding them if they weren't who she sought. Threnn was now attempting to wrestle her husband onto the back of a stag, either Pitch or Alanon. Still she’d be no use to them. Where was Tarquin? As if right on cue she heard him call again.

“Fuck this.”

Nether with you, I’ll kill them all!” What in the name of Elune was Illi doing?

She had heard Tarquin, which direction? That way. She needed to get through the crowd and to the portal. if she encountered anyone else intent on slowing her down she would be in a world of trouble. Someone slid her arm over their shoulders. She must have been worse off than she thought if Channi in full plate had gotten that close unnoticed. Lorelli wasn’t complaining.

“Little help, sweetheart?” The rogue gasped. She transferred as much of her weight as she dared to the death knight standing next to her.

A figure in a fine hat and blond hair sped by. “Com and get me, yeh sackless wee fucks!”

Lorelli would have laughed if the situation hadn’t looked so damned grim from the get go. You were supposed to leave, Boss! Too late for that now.

“Lore!” Channi’s voice sounded worried and got her attention as it was meant to do. The girl tugged on Lorelli’s arm and tried to drag her toward the portal.”Come on.”

Kyraine stood mid circle yelling at Tarquin as he danced among the combatants, trying to create a distraction. “Get the fuck out of here, Tarq!” She’d forced her way to him and shoved the blond scarecrow-esque man in the direction of the magical exit to safety.

“Moan on! I’m right here!” He shouted at any of the fighting Horde still intent on engaging retreating Riders. Or anyone really. “Get Bricu and Illi out!” He commanded.

Lorelli had almost lost Illthias in the crowd. Her extra height wasn’t nearly as distinctive next to the likes of Ebon Thundermoon whom she was trading a flurry of blows with on the right side of the circle. The kaldorei warrior had her lips pulled back from her teeth in a perpetual snarl and they appeared to be an even match.

Lorelli hadn’t realized they had reached the portal. Its serene blue glow was an odd juxtaposition to the collapse of what was supposed to have been peace talks. Without preamble, Channi shoved her through.
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