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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Deanathrae » Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:56 am

Deanathrae was infected by Uthas' plague, and never recovered. She spent some months in the Emerald Dream, where she lost much of her memory. While gathering herbs in the Plaguelands, Arthas' minions spotted the undead elf and ambushed her.

She's risen again as a Death Knight, but this time she is an elf with a hunger for mana. At present she doesn't remember any of her past. Once she is redeemed she's likely to be bewildered to find herself part of the Horde, though perhaps not unhappy. She's always liked orcs, and many of the elves and humans she's known have betrayed her.

I can't imagine her being anything but a herbalist, but I believe that she'll take up inscription rather than alchemy, trying to learn more about her own condition and to feed her hunger for magic.

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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Aelflaed » Tue Nov 18, 2008 10:27 am

Aely is torn between loving the area that she's in - the trees in Howling Fjord and Grizzly Hills make her happy, not to mention being on the boats in the cold wind - and being thoroughly freaked out and angry about all the Lich King stuff. She's starting to have some issues, given that she's run into Arthas twice now, once on Wyrmskull village and then again in Whisper Gulch, and both times he tried to mess with her head.

She's also found that she's come to a sort of balance between awe and respect for the Vrykul, being that they're myths that have come to life in front of her and that they're rather impressive in combat, and the rather obvious violent reaction natural when someone charges at you with a greataxe and tries to remove your head.
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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Ceil » Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:36 am

There was a fight between Ceil/Tarquin and Bricu, over Ceil's initial reaction to some very important news and she and Bricu's very different viewpoints. The fight was nasty, horrible things were said, and Ceil lost a tooth. However, Threnn fixed the tooth, much kinder things were said, and Ceil came to a very, very strong ephiphany regarding Uthas and what she realizes needs to happen to the man she once called father. The hard feelings towards Bricu, the things he said, and the guilt over putting Tarquin into such a situation, may not go away for a while, but she is intent and determined to be as supportive of Threnn as possible.

She also really, really likes chainguns and for some reason, the Tuskarr.

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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Tarq » Wed Nov 19, 2008 9:56 am

Normally, being knocked down a flight of stairs and through a table by one's best friend, and then proceeding to break part of that table over the same's head, is exactly the sort of thing that Tarquin regards as therapy. However, he's in much the same boat as Ceil regarding the things Bricu said (and the fact that Bricu punched out his wife, though he realizes perfectly well that Ceil threw the first punch); it'll be a bit before he's ready to work things out. Still, the actual initial problem came to something of a resolution, and he realizes that something very important is percolating in Ceil's brain, though he might even be surprised as to what.

Tarq's surprisingly unembarrassed over the very public broadcasting of the fight - or rather, he's not wasting any time beating himself up over it. As with his usual mode of operation, he's taking the pragmatic view - the disagreement's out there, it's been resolved in the practical sense, and the best thing to do is move forward with business.
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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Lansiron » Wed Nov 19, 2008 2:40 pm

Lans is doing exactly what he expected to be doing.

He's in. Deep.

The war effort is nearly everything to him these days. The only thing keeping him from going all-but-feral are Shaila's companionship, the steady focus of reliable allies such as Varenna, and the mixed relief and concern over Genise's return. Other than that, he's fighting as he always has; entrenched, dirty, ugly, and brutish.

His new best friend is an inebriation-prone bear, adequately named Drunky, which he favors riding into battle a fair bit more than a decidedly less psychotically dangerous warhorse. The moonshine he gives the beast a steady supply of helps them see eye-to-eye.

In terms of the effort against the Scourge, his determination is obvious to anyone.

The one thing, however, that has actually made him feel the slightest inkling of genuine fear is not the Lich King, though, but the revelation of the Blue Aspect's vendetta against seemingly all mortal races. To him, he views such a thing as one might imagine what life would be like if a category-5 hurricane was personally stalking you. The idea of an honest-to-god force of nature suddenly wanting everyone dead is one that could be charitably described as "bowel-loosening".

Though the fight against Arthas is more personal, he knows he'd be a fool to think the war against Malygos is anything but crucial.

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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Bricu » Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:27 am

Bricu has volunteered (as in, "no pay") to drill civilian recruits in basic soldiering. He's become quite fond of the Tundra Crew. They get five more weeks before getting an official nickname.

However, he's sulking and beating himself up over "crossing a line."

His have healed, and he's been seen bribing a magister in the Valliance Inn to, "pay for the bannister, the table an' the tosser's bite wound. He had it comin' yeh know..." His buzz box, however, has been off as of late.
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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Delion » Thu Nov 20, 2008 9:39 am

Delion is in Northrend, healing your allies. He's hobbling around with a cane, his leg healed fine but still stiff (not helped by the cold climate).

He had been considering turning himself in to the authorities regarding killing Kanashimi a couple years ago, but after arguing with Bellesta/Tarq/Ulth and a proper conversation with Varenna, decided he's going to have a seer delve into his mind to see if he's truly guilty of murder or whether it was self defense. After that, he'll decide again what he's doing.

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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Beltar » Thu Nov 20, 2008 10:01 am

Beltar is about sick of the Borean Tundra (as is his player). The damp cold is affecting his old leg injury and making it worse, so soon he'll be heading over to Valgarde Keep in the hopes of better weather. He hasn't been able to hook up with any of the other Riders, but he's used to working alone anyway. One minor annoyance for him is that he's come north to help push back the Scourge hordes and make a little money while doing it...the money's not been a problem, but he feels like he's been shooting everything *but* Scourge. Magmataur, snobolds, murlocs, mechanical gnomes, crazy-ass Tauren hunters on giant mammoths, yeah. Scourge? Not so much, besides a few Nerubians.

Linedan is beginning to feel a new and fierce pride in the Horde in Northrend. After helping to save Icemist Village from the Nerubians and being given the honor of inducting their Taunka into the Horde, he's more determined than ever to kick ass and bash heads in the name of the Warchief and Saurfang the Elder...while casting a worried glance back over his shoulder at Garrosh Hellscream, and the Apothecaries, behind him.

((Once you get to Dragonblight, the Horde love gets turned up to 11. Holy shit, is it awesome. And is it just me, or do some of the quest lines in Valiance Keep early on feel like they come to a grinding halt too soon? Like the one that implies something's wrong with the boss of the keep--it just stopped.))

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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Delion » Thu Nov 20, 2008 6:27 pm

Beltar wrote:And is it just me, or do some of the quest lines in Valiance Keep early on feel like they come to a grinding halt too soon? Like the one that implies something's wrong with the boss of the keep--it just stopped.))

((No it doesn't. You kinda gotta get up to the end questline in the zone to see what happens.))

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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Jolstraer » Sun Nov 23, 2008 2:31 am

Jolly has been pounding his way through the front lines like a landslide coming down a hill, and due to his age and long service in the Army of the Alliance, has been charged with a squad of raw recruits to train on the battlefront. With his flame-spitting wife in tow, he has been pushing himself (and those recruits assigned to him) harder and harder as the days and nights wear on. He continually finds himself more and more frustrated with the orders coming down from the Generals on the front, and overall finds himself becoming more and more angry at the scourge. His driving force has become to kill, kill, kill and give no quarter. He's been begging the Generals to give him something that drives to the heart of the continent, but has been restrained in most regards.

After recently being detached to the 7th out of Winterguard, he has had to deal with the haunting memories of the events that transpired on that shore years before.Encountering the spirits on the shore has shaken him, and in a way made him even angrier, if it were possible. Quietly, he has become convinced that he just may be spending his last days on this wretched, frozen soil.
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