An Anonymous Note

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An Anonymous Note

Postby Nykkolaia » Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:21 am

In the early hours of the morning, the Pig and Whistle was quiet, and still. The only movement and noise came from the cook in the back who was preparing the meals for the afternoon, making stew that would be long in cooking. The odd drunk passed out here and there in a corner only twitched or grunted without waking. A few particularly skilled souls added some drool to the routine, and one bore the additional benefit of decoration from the blue and purple bruise spreading outward around one eye.

Through this silence strode a hooded figure. The cloak was thick, all-encompassing, so no one would have been able to make anything out about the creature within - had anyone been conscious enough to pay attention. Used to the occasional shady deed, the Pig and Whistle took no notice and the figure passed unmolested to set a folded piece of parchment down behind the bar for the bartender to give to the intended recipient when it was possible to do so.

Mind you, the reconnaissance of the figure upon the location and 'target' was... not exceptional, with no real idea if the intended even came to this Inn any more. But the chance was worth taking, and the only chance there was to be taken at all.

The parchment was folded and sealed with red wax. One the top, it read: Jolstraer Taborwynn, and were it to ever be read, the inside would say:

I don't know if you realize this, but there's unfinished business between us. If you're willing to see it through, come to the park in Stormwind at midnight. Any midnight. I'll be there.

Unsigned, only the reader can decide what to do with it.
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