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Postby Delion » Thu Nov 27, 2008 12:36 am

The air rushing past and over his wings, lifting him above the snow drifts was such a nice feeling. Up here, tiny specks of ice clung to his scales until he all but glittered. Slowly he closed his eyes in bliss, content to listen to the faint whistle of wind parting before his horns.

"By the Five its KERAM! Omigawsh!"

He didn't even falter. It was, however, difficult to keep the smirk from his face. Like a total pro, Keram sailed on through the faintly drifting snow, to all eyes as if he hadn't heard a thing.

Soon enough the sound of beating wings was beside him, and he cracked open an eye. Two ruby beauties flew alongside, the nearer flapping excitedly while the other took a more shy distance.

"Keram! Omigawsh, omigawsh hi! Hi, Its me, Daphxie! You remember me yeah? Dax?"

Keram rolled slightly, all the better to look the girl up and down. She was a bit clumsy, but pretty enough. And he didn't remember a thing about her.

"Oh yeaaah, Dax. And uh... Your friend."

"Emeristrasz. Em-emi." Hey, now it was vaguely ringing a bell. He had so many admirers, he couldn't be expected to keep up.

"Riiiight! Dax and Emi." Man, they were practically drooling. Nonchalantly he righted his angle, head pointed into the wind again. He watched them lazily from one eye, not slowing at all. Keep the ladies chasing you, that's how you did it.

"...HEY Keram?!"

"Yeah..?" He lifted the pristine frill on his neck just a smidge, almost grinning and the stifled gasps it elicited.

"Wh-where you going? I was- I mean, Emi and I, we thought maybe we could hang out? Like, there's these rocks? Near the tundra? They're totally warm from the sun and it feels SO nice on your belly, and we could just hang out, or talk you know?"

Keram opened his mouth to make a reply, but was rudely cut off as the chattering ruby-scaled woman let out a very undignified shriek. The two girls fled, long tails bobbing, and Keram was hailed with a shower of compliments amid buffeting wings.

"Keram, you magnificent stud, chatting up the ladies huh?"
"Hey, when you gonna join us on a raid, Keram?"

These three particular blues were less than worthy of his attention, but with Emi and Dax gone they were the only attention he had. He gazed at them with one blank eye, mentally ticking off every flaw they had against his own perfection. One had a gigantic nose horn and stubby wings, making him look like a blue rhino. Another had clearly had a portion of his wing seared by one of the other flights, the membrane ragged and pock-marked. The last looked fine enough, but his hygiene was horrible - flakes of skin still held to the scales at the back of his neck from his last moult.

"I'm not getting involved, everyone knows that." Explaining himself would be a waste of breath.

"Aw come on man, you gotta one day!"

With a shrug of his shoulders Keram dipped towards the ground below, calling over a wing, "I've got better things to do." He banked right, made a minor adjustment with his tail - and so that anyone watching from below would catch the brilliant radiance of his hide - and headed towards the den of the black flight. They were so bitchy and acted like everyone was out to get them, but he looked absolutely stunning next to them.

He really had to start accessorising. Awesome as he was he wasn't the only white drake, though at least he was a proper one. None of that albino crap that loopy bronze was pulling. Keram was a trendsetter, Keram was popular, and Keram was cool.

He was Keram the Magnificent.

...Wait, that was last week.

He was Keram, the Wondrous.

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