Eventide Square, 5:00 A.M.

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Eventide Square, 5:00 A.M.

Postby Varenna » Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:56 pm

Tired and sleepy, Varenna gingerly took a seat on the edge of the fountain. She let out her breath, slowly so it wouldn't hurt, and looked up through Dalaran's sea of spires to watch the sun rise.

The bandages were itching. Again. It was the spot on the back of her hand, the one between her knuckles right beneath where the bandages were wrapped heaviest. She whimpered at it, resisted the urge to try scratching through the bandages -- it never, ever did any good -- and thought about not thinking about the itch. Her hand was only itchy because she'd been thinking about how uncomfortable the bandages were; if she stopped thinking about it, the itch would stop.

That never worked either. The paladin sighed, then winced, then tried to go back to her sunrise.


Varenna blinked and looked back down.



The phoenix hatchling ignored her and landed awkwardly on the head of the marble sea lion statue rising out of the center of the fountain. Its fiery eyes were focused intently into the water. She frowned as she followed its gaze.

"Leave the goldfish alone, Gen. You don't even like fish."

The phoenix warbled at her, about the same sound as a marshmallow falling off the end of a fork and into a bonfire. She gave it a stern glare.

"Get down from there."

It glared back.


"Right now!"

The phoenix leapt off its perch and dove. Steam rose, then just as fast the phoenix was out again and sitting on the edge of the fountain. It had something shiny captured in its beak. Varenna sighed and thought the fish a quiet apology.


...Fish weren't supposed to go ting. She looked down and saw the coin the phoenix had dropped to the street, then bent, biting her lip, and reached for it. The metal was cool to the touch.

"Just once -- that's all I ask for, just once -- let the lass ride with me..."

Varenna yelped and dropped the coin, then felt silly as she remembered where she was. Dalaran's fountains were famous for their coins; the magic was older than she was. Drop a coin, make a wish, and it would linger forever after. Some of Azeroth's greatest heroes and most terrible villains had shared their thoughts and feelings with the fountains of Dalaran; there were actually people who spent their time fishing for coins, just in the hope of finding something interesting. Sometimes they did.

Varenna retrieved the fallen coin again.

"Just once -- that's all I ask for, just once -- let the lass ride with me..."

Someone's private thought. It sounded like a dwarf, but there was no way of knowing. The coin itself was nothing but a copper. Everyone shared their wishes with the fountains.

Well... almost everyone. She let the copper penny slip back into the fountain, then reached for her own coin purse. Why not? It couldn't hurt anything. She'd have to have a wish first, though. A wish... She smiled as she thought of one.

She'd heard someone comment once, a member of the Kirin Tor fishing the fountains for a research project, how fascinating it was to get to know people through the coins. Those few coins with identifiable origins often provided a valuable insight into the minds and feelings of their former owners. She wondered whether someone would be fascinated by her someday.

Her coin purse upended over her palm, empty. She pouted at it, remembering now that she'd used the last of her change to pay for breakfast.


Maybe later, then.

She sighed and resumed watching the sunrise.
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