Northrend details regarding Uthas

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Northrend details regarding Uthas

Postby uthas » Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:04 pm

So, since we're all writing Northrend stories now, I thought I'd put out a bit of info in regards to Uthas in Northrend, and my slowly forming plans.

Uthas has been up in Northrend for a long ass time now, so he has a lot of allies, and has done a bunch of stuff.

*He's allied with the Tuskarr, who refer to him as Ur'these, the closest thing to his name in their language, which also means "Alone on the Ice". Asking around will find out that over the years the Eye has helped ward off several Scourge attacks on Mo'aki Village.

*The only ship to make it out of Sorrow's Pass is rotting at the bottom of the Fjord harbor, which anyone diving around out there could see.

*There are two small ruined keeps with Eye banners in them - one in the Dragonblight, and one in the Storm Peaks. There are also torn and tattered Eye banners in Wintergard.

*The Dragonflights are mostly either ignorant or secretive about the Eye and Uthas, except for Chromie and Alexstraza. Chromie seems sad if asked, and apologetic that "It didn't work", but she doesn't specify what, in her usual confused way. Alexstraza just says she hopes to get the chance to examine the Eye when all of the troubles have ceased, as they and all of the death knights are a new curiosity.

*The high ranking Alliance officers are waiting on word from home on whether or not Uthas and the Eye were included in the mass pardon of the death knights.

That's the easy stuff to find out, and you can feel free to include it in any stories you write about Northrend, if you want to.

My plans for Uthas's "return" are not very grand. I don't want it to be a gigantic Dispossessed like storyline, because that will take forever, and will probably result in a lot of emotional tugging and pulling as people try to find their spot in the story. I'm happy with the story touching many people, and the circumstances dictate a certain amount of "largeness" to the tale, but it doesn't need to be epic. I would MUCH rather it be about people and their own moral choices. Lich King as an expansion has a lot of events that are "Oh shit. This isn't just a war anymore, it's a fight for survival." That can motivate a lot of interesting introspection and character growth. I'd like this to be part of that.

Being that it's gonna be tough to get Uthas back into a position where he can even talk to people, it would be nice if I could get looped in on any events where people are PLANNING on talking about the situation. If it comes up in conversation, whatever, I don't need to know what everyone is eating for lunch every day :) I'd just like to know about any rallies or lynchmobs that are going down.

I'd like to hold off on doing anything major on this front until a lot of the current storylines are wrapped up. Most of them are well on their way now, and everyone has a lot of balls in the air. I'm cool running Heroics ooc for a while :D

That being said, I am now open to discussion if people want to pull Uthas into stories, or do small stuff with him, find him, etc. Oh yeah, you can even kill him if you want :) Ask me for details.
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Re: Northrend details regarding Uthas

Postby Itanya_blade » Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:10 pm

All I know as of right now is that Pill and Tarq are supposed to be looking for a way to blow people in the ice up.

I'm waiting on the pretty rogue to point in a direction.

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Re: Northrend details regarding Uthas

Postby Lansiron » Fri Dec 12, 2008 5:54 pm

I'm liking that bit about random sites-of-notice tying into things. Good way to tie stuff down.

I can't speak for Lans being involved much in any developing story, as he was never a part of the original Dispossessed plot to begin with. On the other hand, he's an extremely likely person to run across Uthas in the wilderness, on some misbegotten mission or another, share a mug of coffee around a fire, make unspecified small talk, then later walk off going, "I swear I've seen him somewhere before."

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Re: Northrend details regarding Uthas

Postby Jolstraer » Fri Dec 12, 2008 6:47 pm

I'd like to be involved as well, though from my standpoint, Jolly doesn't really *know* the impact of the Eye or Uthas, so I'd really like to have him sit down and have it explained to him by someone actually *willing* to talk about it. I don't really know where Jolly was during all of this, but I know I was a server nub at the time. Maybe by RPing him learning about it I can figure out what was up with him.

OTher than that, he's suspicious of people he doesn't know and otherwise fulfilling the much-needed role of basic thug. :)
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