Before I Pass Out

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Before I Pass Out

Postby Bricu » Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:48 pm

I had this idea for a short story:

Bricu, Tarq, Fel, Ulth, Tif, Drav and Delion are playing cards in the back room. Ulth insists that he is soley responsible for inventing card games. Delion is happy at being invited to another night out--but he's being fleeced for all the gold he has. Bricu is the only one *not* drinking, and he appears to be losing. Tarq is cheating at cards. Tif is wearing a monocole--a monocole engineered through science that he is totally convinced will let him read the cards. Drav is holding his own, but he keeps getting picked on for not speaking with the a proper northern accent.

That's how it starts. I'm sure other riders are mentioned or make apperances. Women are discussed,but only when Delion is three sheets to the wind.

At the card game, I see drunk Delion critiquing the Ladies' fashion sense and what they /should/ wear.

If someone wants to draw, or write, that up, feel free.
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