'Friday Ficlet' for Anna

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'Friday Ficlet' for Anna

Postby Channi » Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:54 pm

Anna recently posted on her blog a call for a 'Friday Ficlet' where our characters have a nightmare, and this is Channi's entry. I know it's probaly longer than the prescribed 500 words, but my muse hit me in the middle of a Monday Rush of stuff here at work and I had to obey! (Isn't that the way it ALWAYS works?)

This has also been cross posted to Arren's Forum here.


Channi had joined Kalenedral on one of the boats in the Stormwind canals fishing and had a nice quiet time. She had just started learning to fish, and it was comforting to be with someone she knew while trying something new. It gave her the chance to watch someone else's technique, as well as allow her to become more social.

She looked up and noticed the sky was getting dark, and remembered that she wanted to see the sunset in Stormwind Harbor. She said as much as she packed up her gear hoping she hadn't missed it already.

It was then that Kalenedral turn to her, "Why would a Soulless Doll like YOU want to see a sunset?!" she sneered at the young Deathknight.

Channi's eyes blinked in confusion. She had always thought Kalenedral was a nice person, and even felt somewhat close to her, so the attitude change caught her completely by surprise. She stood up and tried to ask what was wrong, but nothing came out of her mouth.

Kal approached her menacingly, her eyes burning with hatred, "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" She snickered as she motioned toward the dock. There was Windstar playing with a small piece of meat like some sort of toy. Channi realized that it was indeed her tongue as it flopped around trying to get back to her. But Windstar just chuckled and scooped it up in her mouth and swallowed it whole.

Then Kal was there, right in front of her. The pure hatred flowing off her was enough to force Channi to stumble backwards and fall back into the water of the canals. The water chilled her to the bone, worse than anything she had felt since her time on Archerus. She heard the two of them laughing as she flailed in the water. And then she was in her full armor, sinking toward the bottom of the canal. Panic set in and try as she might to scream for help, nothing came out but the air in her lungs. Which was soon replaced by the fetid water of the canals. The laughter continued, joined by others. Loreli. Takani. Zha'ane. Aedis and Cristoph. Pitch. Wildlark. Paul the Flower vendor. Bricu. Threnn. Roulette. Elly and the rest of the Langstons. It seemed the entirety of Stormwind was there pointing at her and sneering. "Souless Doll" and laughing was all she could hear, even over the rushing of water into her ears as she struggled to get off the bottom of the canal. But then the water around her froze into a solid block of ice. She couldn't even struggle anymore even if she wanted to.

I'm NOT a Soulless Doll! I'm a person! I had a family once.... Loreli adopted me.... Even if I can't remember it...it's true! It has to be true...! And it was then she realized she didn't know if any of it really was true. If she couldn't remember, how could she be sure of anything?

And then HIS voice sounded in her head. A voice that sent chills far worse than the ice that currently encompassed her. You do not belong with them. I am all you truely know. It is I that holds the key that you seek.

And then she was covered in shadow from something large that came up from behind her. A set of jaws slowly enveloped her and closed in around her, swallowing her up whole. Everyone above her continued to sneer and laugh at her. The last thing she saw was Paul, the Flower vendor putting a rose in Kalenedral's ear and leaning in for a kiss as the darkness cut her off entirely from the light. And she felt a pain that she never thought possible feel as if it just ripped her heart out from her body.

She suddenly sat up in her bed in the hunter's lodge, covered in sweat yet chilled further than the Great Sea. Her eyes were wide in shock and fear. And then, for the first time that she could remember, she cried. It was a new experience for her, and it frightened her that she could lose control of herself and become so helpless, but she had no choice in the matter. So much pent up fear and uncertainty finally found it's release, and it would not allow her to contain them any longer. All she could do was curl up into her blankets and sob until morning.

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Re: 'Friday Ficlet' for Anna

Postby Windstar » Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:04 am

((Eek, poor Chaani :( ))
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Re: 'Friday Ficlet' for Anna

Postby Shaurria » Sun Apr 11, 2010 12:03 am

((My contribution to Anna's post. I wasn't sure where to stick it, if it needs to be moved or anything feel free!

Cross-posted here on my blog. And yea, it's a bit long too. >.>))

Pitch lay back on the bed, watching Lark move above him, one hand resting on her belly. She watched him in return with that wicked little grin he liked seeing so much. The night was late, the Park outside his window dark and quiet. Pitch gave a contented sigh and closed his eyes, to better concentrate on his other senses.

The smell of smoke and ash was strong enough to choke him. Filled with sudden dread, he opened his eyes again and spotted the girl across the room, against the back wall. Seeing that he was aware of her, she gave that horrible smile, full of gaps and jagged points. He waited for her to back through the wall, or whatever trick she had planned now. This time, however, to his surprise she started towards him.

He didn't see where the knife came from, it just appeared in her hand, the blade rusty and pitted and the wooden handle rotting away. Dark stains covered both handle and blade. The girl... ghost... thing floated to the foot of the bed and effortlessly stepped up.

Passing beyond fear now and into panic, Pitch looked up at Lark. To his further surprise, she seemed unaware that anything was wrong, her expression unchanged. Pitch tried to say something, to warn her, but his jaw wouldn't work, his voice frozen in his throat. The thing kept coming, and he watched in horror, unable to move, as it stepped up behind Lark and reached up. Gripping her hair in one hand, it pulled Lark's head back and smoothly drew the blade across her throat.

Blood sprayed crimson through the air, almost blinding Pitch. He watched in shock as it sheeted down Lark's torso, then she slowly toppled over, hitting the floor with a dull thud. Pitch suddenly found he could move, as the girl-thing opened her mouth again and started laughing, the first sound he had heard from her. It grew in volume until he had to cover his ears, until instead of one it now sounded like a dozen, all either laughing or screaming, he could no longer tell which. His own mouth opened to scream...

... And he thrashed on the bed with the covers tangled in his legs. Dimly he realized he was in his cat form as he struggled free. The girl was gone, and with her the smell, but he had to get up, had to check Lark....

Abruptly two strong, wiry arms circled his neck, and a familiar voice started shshing in his ear. "Pitch, wake up, it's only a dream. Come on, babe, snap out of it..." The cat tried to lash out, but Pitch held it back as the voice, and it's owner's scent, finally filtered through to his brain. He stopped fighting and lay still. "Lark?" "Shush, Pitch. It was just a dream," she soothed. He unshifted and rolled over to stare at her, needing to see she was alive and unharmed. She looked back at him, wide eyes full of worry. "I was getting ready to go," she said, and he realized that she was indeed dressed. "But you started thrashing and moaning. I... I couldn't wake you up." Wordlessly he reached for her, and she settled back down next to him. "What was it?" she asked softly, but he shook his head, just holding her tightly.

They stayed like that as the night passed and dawn finally broke. Neither of them slept any more.
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