Of Hauntings and Leper Gnomes...

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Of Hauntings and Leper Gnomes...

Postby Channi » Tue Apr 20, 2010 1:08 am

Here is Channi's Haunting for the Maggie Maunt storyline. Crossposted at the SWU forums.


Kalenedral pulled Channi's hand under the light to take a closer look at it. Earlier in the evening, Channi had been attacked by what can only be termed as her 'ghost' considering how everyone else was being haunted in some way or another. The marks showed a series of vicious scars that had formed under Pitch's healing. If she didn't know better, she'd have thought it was shark teeth that made these marks. But it was in the middle of the Pig, under Channi’s chair as she searched for a mug of milk that had mysteriously disappeared. It caught everyone by surprise that something could do that to her. Especially there in the tavern!

Kal insisted that Channi not spend the night alone and offered her space at her apartment near the Park District. They were in the front room and she just wanted to make sure that the healing she had received didn't miss anything. Pitch's healing, although adequate for minor injuries, wasn't exactly the strongest.

Channi slowly flexed her hand for Kal and tried to hold in a slight wince, but Kal noticed the tension in Channi's arm. "Let me get you a cool rag to keep on that tonight. Arien is asleep upstairs, but we can have her look at it in the morning or go see one of the healers at the Cathedral, ok?" Arien was a Paladin of the Light that Kal shared the apartment with.

Channi nodded, "If you think it's necessary..."

Kalenedral leveled a hard gaze at the younger girl, "Yes. It's necessary,” Her gaze softened as she got up off the couch. “Now sit tight while I get that rag for you. It should help the pain." She let her hand rest on Channi's shoulder just a moment longer than she intended to as she smiled at her on her way to the kitchen. It surprised her, how protective she had become over the young human in the few weeks that she had known her. There was something about the young girl’s smile that had caught her attention. So full of life, if you can say that about a Deathknight. But even with the blue glowing eyes, she still held an innocence about her that drew a person in to her. Maybe 'innocence' was not the right word, but rather a sincerity and absence of pretence about her. In any case, it was refreshing to be around someone that was so open and honest with those around them.

She wrapped the cool wet rag carefully around Channi's hand and secured it with a small knot. Channi smiled, "Thank you. You really don't have to go through all this trouble for me, though." She honestly seemed to be embarrassed at the attention she was receiving. It surprised Kal how shy a Knight of the Ebon Blade could be. But considering, at the age of 17, Channi was perhaps the youngest Deathknight she had ever encountered, she probably hadn't had as much 'life experience' behind her before her 'change.' And without the external control over her, maybe that was just a piece of her underlying personality showing through. And that endeared her to the Elf for some reason.

"It's really no problem. And I'm sure Loreli would be quite upset if you were left alone with anything like this happening and something were to happen to you. Are you sure you don't want to use the bedroom? I can always use the couch or sleep on the floor nearby if you want."

"Oh no! I couldn't ask you to do that! The couch will be fine for me," Channi insisted.

'Ok... let me get you some blankets then," she said as she left the room again.

Channi watched her friend head up the stairs and looked around the front room while she waited. There was a fireplace in front of her that appears to have been used a lot during the colder winter months, but not so much recently. Behind the couch was a fairly good sized desk with assorted papers scattered on it, and an attached bookcase with many books in both Common and Kaldorei script. As she glanced across a section of old military history books, a small movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. She brushed a stray hair from her face as she turned to the movement and was startled to see the Leper Gnome from earlier gathering up some papers that had fallen off the desk, and was getting ready to eat them with an evil grin. Seeing the gnome sparked an anger in her for what it had done to her earlier at the tavern and still earlier that morning. She narrowed her eyes and reached out with Icy Runic Power at the Leper Gnome causing it to scream in outrage at her.

He shook his head to clear it of the Frost Fever and focused his eyes on Channi. He leapt at her and she realized she had left her sword in the rack by the door. Without her weapons all she could so was raise her arms to keep him from hitting her in a vulnerable portion of her anatomy. The force of his impact was enough to knock her off the couch with a muffled thump. She grabbed a hold of the hair around the sides of his head, and tried to keep his open mouth from getting in range of biting her again. This seemed to further infuriate the little beast. He shook his head vigorously, tearing off the chunks of hair and scalp in Channi’s hands and he lunged forward before Channi could react. His mouth opened wide as he bit down on her collar bone and the meaty trapezius muscle that led to her shoulder.

Channi’s scream of pain was enough for Kal to race down the stairs to see her on the floor struggling and bleeding from her shoulder. “CHANNI!” she called as she raced to the fallen girl. She tried pulling the clothing away from her shoulder, not realizing the gnome was still attached. All she knew was the girl was screaming and in obvious pain and there was blood everywhere. She struggled and felt something give way as Channi’s body stopped fighting and fell limp; her eyes closed as she lost consciousness. Her breaths were coming in ragged gasps and there was blood literally pouring out of her wounds. The pain and loss of blood was obviously too much for the girl, leaving Kal to try to staunch the blood flow as she called for her roommate in a state of panic, “ARIEN! I NEED YOU! NOW!!!”

Heavy footsteps pounded on the steps as Arien came down the stairs, axe in hand as she didn’t know what she would be facing. Seeing her friend tending to Channi, she raced across the room and tried to assess the wound. “By the Light?!?! How did it happen?”

Kalenedral was in a state of shock and just shook her head. She stepped back to allow the paladin room to work and looked on, tears of concern forming in her eyes.

Arien grabbed one of the blankets that Kal had dropped and used it to wipe away the blood to see what she faced. The twin rows of teeth marks were troubling to see, but she was relieved to see that they at least missed her neck and the vital blood vessels there. Her hands began to glow, faintly at first but grew in intensity as she allowed the healing power of the Light to flow through her and into the affected area. The blood flow slowed and then ceased as the skin began to close up, healing from the inside out. Channi’s breathing became deeper and more regular, her body registering the healing that had taken place but the trauma had taken it's toll on the young girl. “There. She should be stable now, but we should get her to the Cathedral in the morning. What happened, anyway? What bit her?”

As relieved as Kalenedral was, she was still too pumped up from the adrenaline rush to answer coherently. “Bloody ghosts!... shouldn’t have left her alone…. Elune blast it!” she paced back and forth like an angry tiger trapped in a cage. She seemed ready to strike, but had nothing to attack.

“KAL! Listen to me. We need to clean her up and get her situated before shock sets in. Can you help with that?” She had to try to refocus Kal on helping her friend. It seemed to snap her out of her current state as she wiped the tears from her face and nodded before running off to get more wet rags and a simple robe to cover Channi with.

It was going to be a long night.

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