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Looking for Opinions [Writing Not Included]

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:11 am
by Nykkolaia
It's too long to post here, but I figured that this was the best forum for posting this. (The Powers That Be of the WFR may strike me down if I am mistaken, of course.)

I have this story, see. It's a novella of roughly 25K words (65 pages in Word). I've written it to submit for consideration for an anthology. It's in the first draft stages and I'm looking for readers to, you know, read it and let me know what they think and answer some questions, etc.,

The story is titled "Survivor" and it's classified as "Science Fiction/Romance". I've rated it R for language and scenes of sexuality.

I would need opinions back on it by July 31 at the absolute latest because I'd need time to make any changes, and the deadline for the anthology is August 10.

It hasn't yet been fine-tuned edited, so I'm sure there are typos and what not, but right now, I'm looking for opinions on 'big stuff' like plot, character, development, pacing, etc.,

And just, you know, did you like it?

SO... if anyone is interested, you can post here, PM me or email me at boom.baby83 (at) (Which is my Gtalk as well, if anyone is interested.)

And... yeah. That's all. You can now go back to your regularly scheduled posting. Thanks for reading!