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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Beltar » Wed Dec 22, 2010 4:25 pm

Beltar had been in a bit of a bad mood recently. He hasn't said anything about it, but close observation would reveal that the Sundering, and the horrors that he saw in Hillsbrad and Silverpine on his EK tour, may have messed him up a bit more than he let on. A combination of getting to shoot Twilights on Mount Hyjal, and the festivities and general good cheer surrounding Aely and Arrens' wedding, has cheered him up considerably. He's also stopped by the University a couple of times to look at texts on beginning archaeology.

Latisha Morganson was hastily recalled from mop-up operations in Northrend back to Stormwind upon the death of her entire family (father, stepmother, older brother, and younger sister, plus various servants) when their manor house in the Park was obliterated by Deathwing. This has left her in something of an awkward position. Her father, a ferociously competitive and unscrupulous merchant, was among Stormwind's nouveau riche and was in line for a minor nobility handed out by the King at year end. She had been disowned and evicted from the manor by him after refusing to marry the son of another merchant family--which was how a spoiled rich girl ended up swinging a sword at Northshire Abbey. However, all the parties that were to have received various parts of his merchant holdings are also themselves dead...meaning it falls to her by default. The details will be tied up in various courts for years, but once clear, she would inherit a considerable trade company, or a large amount of cash if the assets were liquidated. In the meantime, she is dealing with her grief, staying in a small apartment in the Trade District, and considering offering her services to Stormwind University as an instructor of combat arms should they need one.

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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Fells » Sat Dec 25, 2010 1:40 am

The Drachmas household endured two separate sunderings: one burned down everything not underground or made of stone on the estate, and the other introduced the newest tiny Drachmas into the world.

Fells is very occupied at home with Laurus the Second, which is just what the world needed: another Laurus. Between baby, less-than-a-year-old twins, and trying desperately to work up enough money to rebuild the estate, she's fairly busy.

To add to it all, Laz has had his pardon's conditions called in. Originally slated for the front lines of a conflict with the Horde, his boat happened to be waylaid by yet another overzealous kraken. SI:7 simply decided to have him investigate Vash'jir instead of try and re-ship him off. He's presently trying to port back and forth when possible. He'll even manage to be home for Winter Veil.

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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Windstar » Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:38 am

The Stormbough family has gotten back together.

Kelesaria is doing her typical 'never around unless someone needs her' thing. She is occasionally seen in Stormwind, but never for very long.

Jahira has been hanging around the city, helping Alanon and just re-aquainting herself with the city. She just recently met another young druid, and has become very interested in her.

On a suggestion (a.k.a. getting her tail verbally kicked) from Kel, Kal has been in Hyjal a great deal. She made it back for Aely and Arren's wedding, and tries to get home at night to sleep in her own new apartment, which doesn't always work out. When she is home, she seems a little more serious and a bit more content than before.

Windstar's mentoring with Alanon has not been working out very well, because of busy schedules. However, she has found a new mentor, with a lot more spare time on her hands. She seems to be getting along very well with her new teacher, and is pretty happy for now.
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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Yva » Tue Dec 28, 2010 2:30 am

Yva is out of the house and working for a living, leaving her son in the care of his Great Uncle Eloim, which can only mean Niall Balthasar's first words will be "whore" or "gay elf." She's currently pissed off that no one's knocking some sense into Tiran Shard and would frankly like to blow him up.

Sky is prowling around the world exploring this archaeology trend. Imagine her happiness at discovering people WILL PAY YOU TO PLAY IN DIRT.

Vincenza Whitten is learning shadow arts from the retired warlock Yva Balthasar. As such, she has a menagerie of demons that include Gaktog who likes to play with Bairix's custom made shoes. Bairix is not pleased.

Lyandrea Stone has come onto the scene. A friend of Feliche Nightshade's, she's Vincenza Whitten's cousin and married to Brannien (Bairix's brother). She's a terrible paladin. She uses holy magic all right, and can swing a mace around pretty well, she just has absolutely nothing in the way of paladin ethics. She drinks, she parties, she kicks ass . . . so really she'd fit in pretty well with most of the Rider paladins.

Seylon has mystically (lol Wrath to Cata time jump) produced two small, green haired children who sleep and eat constantly. Post incoming about the miraculous event of Feliche screaming at Sey to lay down and her telling him to go fuck himself while she's walking around pre-labor.

Indarra is rediscovering some very old things.
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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Bricu » Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:40 pm

Bricu bought Naiara a tricycle for Winter's Veil. So far, she has only rammed one bookshelf in their house in the hills. By springtime, in the Pig, she will attempt more daring feats of destruction.
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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Arrens » Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:48 am

Arrens Caltrains has recently returned from his honeymoon with Aely. As it turns out, the Steam Pools in Feralas are aptly named. They're really, really hot.

Brother Theodious Forgebuilder has mended the last of the students in the University's infirmary and sent them on their way. He's now free to go about his buisness of making people pissed/upset/uncomfortable again, much to the dismay of anyone that's had the displeasure of meeting the surly dwarf.

Jeb's Gem Emporium, the jewelry store run by one A. Jebediaeh, is an abject failure. Should you happen by the store in Stormwind's Dwarven District, you'll no doubt see a "Going Out of Business Sale" sign posted out front.

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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Tarq » Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:04 am

Sir Jakob Balthasar has been spending his days (and not a few nights) at work travelling Azeroth, as part of the current expeditionary crew of Doctor Harrison Jones. The money is good, the discoveries are interesting, and he's developing a taste for desert adventure. He's also hoping to find some trace of his sister Mara, missing since the Cataclysm. Luckily, he's able to come home at least every weekend to see his wife and son.

Tarquin ap Danwyrith is a busy, paranoid, son of a bitch. The reappearance of his old friend and mortal enemy Loche Shadowstalker/Sephir Whatsisface/currently Galvan Swiftblade has got his hackles up like never before, and while the two of them are more or less in a low-grade pissing contest, it's certain to escalate to something far more damaging to those around them. Like it always does. Luckily, Tarq has his equilibrium well enough to keep on running the business - fending off Guildwatch, irritating the Rose, ducking the Crown, and looking for opportunities for his Riders to survive and prosper in this brave new world.

Eshriol Reedbinder, Priest of Elune, has served the Kaldorei faithfully for centuries seeking out and disciplining those of his kin who fall into the ancient sins of arcane magic. Now, in this new modern age, the High Priestess has decreed that the practice of the arcane is to be tolerated, and perhaps even encouraged for the good of the elven nation. Eshriol gave up his life, his family, and his name for a holy calling, and he sees this as a betrayal. He left his post in disgust, and ventured out into the world at large, hoping to find some remnants of the dead man he once was.
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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Shaila » Mon Jan 10, 2011 7:48 am

Shaila Viridiant is biding her time. With Deathwing still rampaging, his forces still spreading, and the Horde and Alliance still at war with each other, what is foremost in her mind is telling Chelody how she feels about her. But she's gotta wait for the right time. Between this being the same time of year that she got together with Tiran and still recovering from her ordeal fleeing the Forsaken invasion, telling Chel right now could very well be disastrous. But if she can summon enough self control to not turn into a raging wolf monster, holding off on this should be a piece of cake!

Akeelah is still regenerating her two lost legs in Acherus. She's incredibly bored, and spends most of her day consuming plague-lands grubs to aid in her regenerative process and talking to Roachy and Beauty. Her attempt to get out of Acherus by having Beauty carry her ended in disaster when Beauty lost her grip, letting Aki plummet all the way down to the ground. One of her legs came completely off again in the fall, setting back her recovery process by quite a bit.

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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Shirkata » Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:33 pm

((Since it's been AGES since any of Shir's shenanigans have been played out with anyone other than random NPC's and forest critters, this will go back to the last time she was ostensibly with the Riders. I promise I'll keep it short. Well, relatively short. For me.))

The Saga of Shirkata Sullemoon: Wrath of the Lich King Edition
When we last saw Shirkata Sullenmoon, she had been coaxed from her not-self-imposed exile in Zangarmarsh back into the Riders' fold. It was a warm reunion in spite of Shirkata's fairly obvious social anxieties she'd developed while sequestered from civilization. Tarq and Ceil offered her a room for as long as she needed to get back on her feet.

Rather than a gradual recovery and rehabilitation back into society, Shir became more withdrawn, sequestering herself in her room. Haunted by horrific dreams, her mannerisms in the rare moments when she was around other people became more and more erratic, and soon blew up into full on delusional rants. These rants and delusions, while incoherent at best, all had a common theme. Northrend.

Absolutely compelled to the northern landmass, Shir packed her things and slipped out, stowing away aboard a merchant trader, which was waylaid by Kvaldir raiders. She awoke within a Tuskarr village where she was nursed back to health, and found some semblance of mental stability with the help of their shaman. Shir would take the daily Vrykul raids to heart, and being the staunch believer in non-violent commiseration that she is, insisted on heading off to Utgarde alone on a mission of diplomacy.

This would have dire results for her. Shir was immediately imprisoned, enslaved, and hard used by the Vrykul in every sense. As punishment for her first escape attempt, she was chained to the forge, her arms burned to near uselessness. ((This was my IC excuse for letting Shir run around with those crazy Kaluak fist weapons all the time)). Bitterness, rage and a return of the madness that had brought her here led to her slaughtering her Vrykul overseer, no hands and all. Her warden saw opportunity here and took to using Shir in jail cell cockfights, with nothing but hunks of wood strapped to her useless hands, as weapons.

Eventually Shir would overcome her jailers and escape, eventually settling homeless in the bowels of the Dalaran sewers, floating in and out of clarity, doing whatever was needed to scrape together the basics for survival. She was found by a young drake of the bronze flight who'd taken an interest in her story and falling out with the time lord (which had led to her exile in the first place) and given an opportunity for redemption with the Wyrmrest accord.

After a long climb to earning the respect of the dragons, Shir was healed by Alexstraza, and freed from her servitude. After wreaking horrible vengeance upon Utgarde, she went on a sojourn into the grizzly hills to find herself, and find meaning in her own existence. There she happened upon an interesting old blind hermitess. After staying with this strange woman and helping with various chores, Shir came to believe that this was Zem, her former soul bonded companion. Understanding that this current state of exile with no memory was Zem's choice, Shir was finally able to gain some closure over their separation.

((That pretty much sums up the Lich King branch of Shir's story. I'm still figuring out how these events have shaped her since. How much crazy is left over, how much of the diplomat remains, and so forth. Has she truly found peace, or is she overcome with bitterness? Only time will tell...))

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Re: Current Happenings

Postby Shaurria » Wed Jan 12, 2011 5:32 pm

Pitch has a new student, a worgen druid named Rheugan. Rheugan has... issues, mostly the type that come from having a wolf and a cat stuck inside his head. Despite that, however, he's a pretty good kid, very quiet and polite, and they're becoming fast friends. Other than training sessions, Pitch has been staying in and around Stormwind, so he can be available in case his new "pack" (aka the Riders) needs him for anything.

He and Lark are also officially a couple. They're not really keeping it quiet, but not making a big deal about it either.

Lark was "adopted" by a red fox from Redridge. Saetta refuses to leave her, but she's also proving to be one of the hardest pets to train that Lark has ever had. Fortunately for Lark's sanity, the fox and her wolf Quiloe have come to an uneasy truce, and are no longer fighting over the "top dog" spot.

Arvoss is back in Stormwind after disappearing for several days. He's keeping quiet and out of the way, but anyone that sees him might notice that he looks a lot happier than before.

He and Shaurria have recently taken to going out and digging up rocks. Occasionally they even find something interesting. ((Gogo archaeology leveling!))

Rillian heard about the boats being attacked by kraken and naga out by the Vash'jir ruins. His first thought - Ruins mean treasure! So he's been hopping every boat he can find that's heading in that direction, in the hopes of getting attacked/sunk so he can start looking for his fortune. Naturally, every boat he's been on has made it safely to port.

With his sister Jahira taking over Windstar's training, and Shaurria now having both Pitch and Arvoss to watch over her, Alanon has finally headed off to Hyjal. He has two missions- to see what he can do to help the Ancients there, and to search for any news of their parents, who haven't been seen/heard from since the Mount was sealed off after the war.
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